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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] jmark99 commented on a change in pull request #409: ACCUMULO-4791 fix setshelliter usage
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2018 19:45:05 GMT
jmark99 commented on a change in pull request #409: ACCUMULO-4791 fix setshelliter usage

 File path: test/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/test/
 @@ -1737,60 +1737,112 @@ public void scansWithClassLoaderContext() throws Exception {
     ts.exec("createtable t");
+    // Assert that the TabletServer does not know anything about our class
+    String result = ts.exec("setiter -scan -n reverse -t t -p 21 -class org.apache.accumulo.test.functional.ValueReversingIterator");
+    assertTrue(result.contains("class not found"));
-    // Add the context to the table so that setscaniter works. After setscaniter succeeds,
-    // remove the property from the table.
-    ts.exec("config -s " + Property.VFS_CONTEXT_CLASSPATH_PROPERTY + FAKE_CONTEXT + "=" +
-    ts.exec("config -t t -s table.classpath.context=" + FAKE_CONTEXT);
-    ts.exec("setscaniter -n reverse -t t -p 21 -class org.apache.accumulo.test.functional.ValueReversingIterator");
-    String result = ts.exec("scan -np -b row1 -e row1");
+    // Add the context to the table so that setiter works.
+    result = ts.exec("config -s " + Property.VFS_CONTEXT_CLASSPATH_PROPERTY + FAKE_CONTEXT
+    assertEquals("root@miniInstance t> config -s " + Property.VFS_CONTEXT_CLASSPATH_PROPERTY
+ FAKE_CONTEXT + "=" + FAKE_CONTEXT_CLASSPATH + "\n", result);
 Review comment:
   Keith, when I first checked out this ticket I was working on a fix for 2.0.0 only. Later
I realized it had a 1.9 fix version as well. If you diff the scansWithClassLoaderContext method
with the current master you will see they are identical (except for the constant I created
today for the iterator classname). I never reverted the code to the 1.8/1.9 version which
is slightly different. So the code you see is the current version of the test in master. 
I say all of that in order to say I can't really shed any enlightenment on what is going on.
 I was actually going to ask the group to see if someone could explain the ultimate purpose
of the test. 

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