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From "Sean Busbey (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Created] (ACCUMULO-2736) update our contributor guidelines to explain how we use jira
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 18:19:14 GMT
Sean Busbey created ACCUMULO-2736:

             Summary: update our contributor guidelines to explain how we use jira
                 Key: ACCUMULO-2736
             Project: Accumulo
          Issue Type: Task
          Components: docs
            Reporter: Sean Busbey
            Priority: Minor

It would help use reduce churn on the jira if we had a short guide for people on selecting
Types, Priorities, Components, Labels, FixVersions, and Resolution Status.

Take resolution statuses as an example. We should start with and link to [jira's built in

We should clarify any resolution types that use explanations that claim the purpose is obvious
(i.e. Implemented, Later, Done, Unresolved) and any that we add above the defaults. In particular,
we should emphasize the use of statuses that end up in release CHANGES.

>From IRC, we should leverage Christopher's explanation of how he reads the resolution
12:51 <@elserj> not sure what your criteria on fixVersion is
12:52 <@ctubbsii> fixVersion should be used if it's marked "Fixed", otherwise, it doesn't
make sense. only "Fixed" issues show up in CHANGES (JIRA's auto-generated release notes)
12:53 <@ctubbsii> all other labels are reasons *not* to fix it ("Done" means "don't
need to do, because it's already done", "Implemented" means "don't need to do, because it's
already implemented", 
12:53 <@ctubbsii> I'm updating the resolution type and fixVersion, based on whether
the issue identified was addressed in that version.
12:54 <@madrob> ctubbsii: can you document that somewhere. i'm not sure that i share
your view of JIRA states
12:54 <@ctubbsii> madrob: it's no my view... it's how JIRA uses it internally.
12:54 <@ctubbsii> s/no/not/
12:54 <@madrob> i would still like a link
12:54 <@ctubbsii> This is empirical. I don't know if it's documented.
12:55 <@busbey> ctubbsii: you could perhaps update our contributors page
12:55 <@busbey> to say what status should be used on closing a ticket
12:56 <@ctubbsii> busbey: I could... but I'm busy on other tasks... would somebody who
has an interest in that mind performing that task that they wish to see accomplished?
12:57 <@madrob> i'm interested in seeing what your definitions are
12:57 <@ctubbsii> madrob: definitions of what?
12:57 <@busbey> I'm interested in tickets being closed correctly the first time. I can't
help make clear to people the criteria that results in you reclosing.
12:58 <@busbey> I mean, I'm willing to take a shot at reverse engineering it
12:58 <@busbey> the chat room here is an excellent start
12:58 <@busbey> but I'm hesitant to document something, have people start taking it
as 'the right way', and cause you further trouble down the road
12:59 <@busbey> ctubbsii: madrob means your definitions of ticket statuses
12:59 <@busbey> how about I make a ticket that we need this and people can follow up
if needed later
13:00 <@ctubbsii> I don't have definitions. All I know is that the only resolution that
ends up in CHANGES is "Fixed", which implies that the only resolution that implies "Fixed"
is "Fixed". I don't have definitions of the others... I'm guessing.
13:02 <@madrob> Then you can make a definition. Or look up if Atlassian provides definitions.
13:02 <@madrob> I just want consistency.
13:02 <@kturner> when you go to resolve an issue there is a little help
13:02 <@kturner> question mark
13:02 <@kturner> everything is defined except for Done
13:03 <@kturner>
13:05 <@busbey> that help isn't clear on e.g. if a new feature request should be closed
as "Implemented" or "Fixed"
13:05 <@busbey> my guess is Fixed so it shows up in CHANGES
13:06 <@ctubbsii> kturner: thanks for the link. It clearly states that only one of them
is "Fixed". While it doesn't provide strict definitions for "Implemented" and "Done", it does
seem explicit that they do not imply a fix is "checked into the tree and tested"
13:07 <@kturner> thanks for cleaning up the tickets... its a big improvement over the
previous state of things

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