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From "Keith Turner (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (ACCUMULO-2261) duplicate locations
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 17:43:39 GMT


Keith Turner commented on ACCUMULO-2261:


bq. Right, I was just making the distinction between making the check in the AssignmentHandler
and in the MetadataConstraints.

Doing the check in the metadata constraint means it will be done later.   If the assignment
handler does the check and then issues a metadata table update, the actual update could take
place much later (even after the requesting tserver has died).  Ifs also possible that the
lock could be lost when doing the check in the constraint.   The check in the constraint is
sanity check, but it does not prevent all problems.   Doing the sanity check as a late as
possible is better.  Note that even if zoocache is not used, there is still a race condition.
 If the lock is lost after zookeeper is checked directly, then its a problem.   Using conditional
mutations (and CAS in zookeeper) is a better solution.  It allows us to only make the mutation
is future and current locations are in the expected state.

[~ecn] I don't think we should make 1.7 use conditional mutations for this case.  I thnik
1.7 should have  a ticket to make one big change to make all metadata operations use CAS w/
zookeeper and metadata table in places where it makes sense.  Seems like it would be nice
to do this in a branch and work out the kinks and then merge it in.   I will open a ticket.
 This is something I was thinking of donig for 1.6, but never got around to it.

> duplicate locations
> -------------------
>                 Key: ACCUMULO-2261
>                 URL:
>             Project: Accumulo
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: master, tserver
>    Affects Versions: 1.5.0
>         Environment: hadoop 2.2.0 and zookeeper 3.4.5
>            Reporter: Eric Newton
>            Assignee: Eric Newton
>             Fix For: 1.5.1
> Anthony F reports the following:
> bq. I have observed a loss of data when tservers fail during bulk ingest.  The keys that
are missing are right around the table's splits indicating that data was lost when a tserver
died during a split.  I am using Accumulo 1.5.0.  At around the same time, I observe the master
logging a message about "Found two locations for the same extent". 
> And:
> bq.  I'm currently digging through the logs and will report back.  Keep in mind, I'm
using Accumulo 1.5.0 on a Hadoop 2.2.0 stack.  To determine data loss, I have a 'ConsistencyCheckingIterator'
that verifies each row has the expected data (it takes a long time to scan the whole table).
 Below is a quick summary of what happened.  The tablet in question is "d;72~gcm~201304".
 Notice that it is assigned to[343bc1fa155242c] at 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233.
 At 2014-01-25 09:49:54,141, the tserver goes away.  Then, the tablet gets assigned to[143bc1f14412432]
and shortly after that, I see the BadLocationStateException.  The master never recovers from
the BLSE - I have to manually delete one of the offending locations.
> {noformat}
> 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72=[343bc1fa155242c]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet p;18~thm~2012101;18=[343bc1fa155242c]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:54,141 [master.Master] WARN : Lost servers [[343bc1fa155242c]]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:56,866 [master.Master] DEBUG: 42 assigned to dead servers: [d;03~u36~201302;03~thm~2012091@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;06~u36~2013;06~thm~2012083@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;25;24~u36~2013@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;25~u36~201303;25~thm~201209@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;27~gcm~2013041;27@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;30~u36~2013031;30~thm~2012082@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;34~thm;34~gcm~2013022@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;39~thm~20121;39~gcm~20130418@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;41~thm;41~gcm~2013041@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;42~u36~201304;42~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;45~thm~201208;45~gcm~201303@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;48~gcm~2013052;48@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;60~u36~2013021;60~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;68~gcm~2013041;68@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;72;71~u36~2013@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;72~gcm~201304;72@([343bc1fa155242c],null,null), d;75~thm~2012101;75~gcm~2013032@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;78;77~u36~201305@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;90~u36~2013032;90~thm~2012092@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;91~thm;91~gcm~201304@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;93~u36~2013012;93~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;20;19@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), m;38;37@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;51;50@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), m;60;59@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;92;91@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;01<@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;04;03@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;50;49@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;63;62@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;74;73@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;97;96@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;08~thm~20121;08@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;09~thm~20121;09@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;10;09~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;18~thm~2012101;18@([343bc1fa155242c],null,null), p;21;20~thm~201209@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;22~thm~2012091;22@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;23;22~thm~2012091@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;41~thm~2012111;41@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;42;41~thm~2012111@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
> 2014-01-25 09:49:59,706 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72=[143bc1f14412432]
> 2014-01-25 09:50:13,515 [master.EventCoordinator] INFO : tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72 was
loaded on
> 2014-01-25 09:51:20,058 [state.MetaDataTableScanner] ERROR: java.lang.RuntimeException:
org.apache.accumulo.server.master.state.TabletLocationState$BadLocationStateException: found
two locations for the same extent d;72~gcm~201304:[143bc1f14412432] and[343bc1fa155242c]
> java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.accumulo.server.master.state.TabletLocationState$BadLocationStateException:
found two locations for the same extent d;72~gcm~201304:[143bc1f14412432]
> {noformat}

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