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From "Eric Newton (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (ACCUMULO-2261) duplicate locations
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 14:43:37 GMT


Eric Newton commented on ACCUMULO-2261:

 In this case, a tablet was assigned to server A, and that server was considered down before
the tablet was loaded.  It was then assigned to server B.  But both server A and B updated
the location information.  And both servers are running on the same computer (since they have
the same IP).

There are several mechanisms used to avoid this problem:

# Port number: two processes should not be able to open the same address on a unix-like system.
# zookeeper lock.  Server B should not have been able to get a lock if Server A had the lock
# updates to the !METADATA table (which hold the assigned and current location) are protected
by a constraint that verifies that the server still holds its lock
# the tablet server checks that the tablet is assigned to it before it loads the tablet

Decoding the write-ahead logs of the !METADATA tablet would give us a clearer idea of what
order things happened.  If this happens again, please copy the !METADATA walog files for post-analysis.
 Look for these entries:

shell> scan -b !0; -e !0< -c log

For this to have happened, the master needed to see the zookeeper lock of A expire, read the
old status of "assigned,"  the server B had to start and be noticed by the master, the old
server had to write a last-gasp update the the !METADATA table and server serving the !METADATA
table had to read a cached, old lock from zookeeper.

Are you automatically restarting your tservers, by any chance?

> duplicate locations
> -------------------
>                 Key: ACCUMULO-2261
>                 URL:
>             Project: Accumulo
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: master, tserver
>    Affects Versions: 1.5.0
>         Environment: hadoop 2.2.0 and zookeeper 3.4.5
>            Reporter: Eric Newton
>            Assignee: Eric Newton
>            Priority: Blocker
>             Fix For: 1.5.1
> Anthony F reports the following:
> bq. I have observed a loss of data when tservers fail during bulk ingest.  The keys that
are missing are right around the table's splits indicating that data was lost when a tserver
died during a split.  I am using Accumulo 1.5.0.  At around the same time, I observe the master
logging a message about "Found two locations for the same extent". 
> And:
> bq.  I'm currently digging through the logs and will report back.  Keep in mind, I'm
using Accumulo 1.5.0 on a Hadoop 2.2.0 stack.  To determine data loss, I have a 'ConsistencyCheckingIterator'
that verifies each row has the expected data (it takes a long time to scan the whole table).
 Below is a quick summary of what happened.  The tablet in question is "d;72~gcm~201304".
 Notice that it is assigned to[343bc1fa155242c] at 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233.
 At 2014-01-25 09:49:54,141, the tserver goes away.  Then, the tablet gets assigned to[143bc1f14412432]
and shortly after that, I see the BadLocationStateException.  The master never recovers from
the BLSE - I have to manually delete one of the offending locations.
> {noformat}
> 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72=[343bc1fa155242c]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:36,233 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet p;18~thm~2012101;18=[343bc1fa155242c]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:54,141 [master.Master] WARN : Lost servers [[343bc1fa155242c]]
> 2014-01-25 09:49:56,866 [master.Master] DEBUG: 42 assigned to dead servers: [d;03~u36~201302;03~thm~2012091@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;06~u36~2013;06~thm~2012083@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;25;24~u36~2013@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;25~u36~201303;25~thm~201209@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;27~gcm~2013041;27@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;30~u36~2013031;30~thm~2012082@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;34~thm;34~gcm~2013022@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;39~thm~20121;39~gcm~20130418@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;41~thm;41~gcm~2013041@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;42~u36~201304;42~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;45~thm~201208;45~gcm~201303@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;48~gcm~2013052;48@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;60~u36~2013021;60~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;68~gcm~2013041;68@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;72;71~u36~2013@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;72~gcm~201304;72@([343bc1fa155242c],null,null), d;75~thm~2012101;75~gcm~2013032@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;78;77~u36~201305@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;90~u36~2013032;90~thm~2012092@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
d;91~thm;91~gcm~201304@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), d;93~u36~2013012;93~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;20;19@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), m;38;37@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;51;50@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), m;60;59@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
m;92;91@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;01<@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;04;03@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;50;49@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;63;62@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), o;74;73@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
o;97;96@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;08~thm~20121;08@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;09~thm~20121;09@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;10;09~thm~20121@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;18~thm~2012101;18@([343bc1fa155242c],null,null), p;21;20~thm~201209@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;22~thm~2012091;22@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;23;22~thm~2012091@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
p;41~thm~2012111;41@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null), p;42;41~thm~2012111@(null,[343bc1fa155242c],null),
> 2014-01-25 09:49:59,706 [master.Master] DEBUG: Normal Tablets assigning tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72=[143bc1f14412432]
> 2014-01-25 09:50:13,515 [master.EventCoordinator] INFO : tablet d;72~gcm~201304;72 was
loaded on
> 2014-01-25 09:51:20,058 [state.MetaDataTableScanner] ERROR: java.lang.RuntimeException:
org.apache.accumulo.server.master.state.TabletLocationState$BadLocationStateException: found
two locations for the same extent d;72~gcm~201304:[143bc1f14412432] and[343bc1fa155242c]
> java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.accumulo.server.master.state.TabletLocationState$BadLocationStateException:
found two locations for the same extent d;72~gcm~201304:[143bc1f14412432]
> {noformat}

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