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From Krzysztof Martyn <>
Subject Re: Delete a range of tablets
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:21:32 GMT
I am actually do that.
I am able to calculate which tablets are to be removed and I am doing range
major compact, which results in a major compact being run on each tablet
server which is caused by balance of the tablet.

"deleteRows" API for me works terrible becouse when I delete rows I cann't 
do ingests neither scans, because they are all queued.

Is there any posibility to delete rfile without major compact?

Andrew Hulbert-2 wrote
> We do this on large tables by setting our own iterator to age things off 
> based on our key structure but then use compact range to delete specific 
> days with a cron.
> However, the tables in question have keys that that can be computed from 
> a date range which is why it works. Then it only compacts (deletes) that 
> specific date range.
> Since you have the time of arrival in the key you could likely do the 
> same thing.
> Andrew
> On 2/14/19 2:57 AM, Krzysztof Martyn wrote:
>> Hi Accumulo,
>> I want to make a system that will store data for a certain period of
>> time,
>> say 2 days, after that time the data should be deleted.
>> All time there are ingestion with big amount of new data.
>> The key is the time of arrival, and splits are generated every 1s so that
>> data from 1s have a separate tablet.
>> Is there any possibility to remove a range of tablets without having to
>> run
>> major compact and merge?
>> I have tested AgeOffFilter, however, it requires manual launch of the
>> major
>> compact which almost makes it impossible to scan the database.
>> I also have tested BatchDeleter, and deleteRows from tableOperations,
>> however, they are even worse than AgeOffFilter.
>> Krzysztof
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