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From Andrew Hulbert <>
Subject Re: commons-vfs2.jar 2.2 buggy
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 17:35:02 GMT
Forgot to mention...if I get the chance I'll try to peek at doDetach and 
see if that's where we are running into the issue and maybe try to 
contribute a better mechanism for jar files. But I guess it depends on 
what Josh/Sean/Chris/etc think is best for 2.0.

On 10/26/2018 01:32 PM, Andrew Hulbert wrote:
> Matt,
> We are running into similar issues with the 2.2 VFS jar running on 
> Accumulo 1.9.2 after upgrading from 1.8.1 but have been restarting 
> tservers to work around it and other issues with putting the iterators 
> in /tmp on certain systems.
> In general though we love it because we can run multiple versions of 
> iterators on the same cluster and we have it deployed on several 
> systems with our clients for that specific use case.
> Sean/Chris, if we rip it out would you imagine iterators being more 
> like HBase where you are basically bound to the startup classpath as 
> the baseline mechanism (with user-enabled specific class loaders). Or 
> do you imagine another upgrade/configuration mechanism? FYI we do VFS 
> and the general accumulo mechanism for configuring iterators and the 
> iterator api design because its pretty user/developer friendly.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> On 10/24/2018 10:55 PM, Christopher wrote:
>> The idea that Dave is talking about is that I don't think we should be
>> doing any classloader special sauce in accumulo-start at all, and we
>> might even be able to remove accumulo-start as a module entirely,
>> since this is its primary (sole?) purpose.
>> It's just a rough idea that I've tossed around with a few people, but
>> haven't really spent any time materializing it into a proposal, PR, or
>> experiment. Basically, I think we should rip out all classloader
>> special sauce. If a user still wishes to use a custom classloader for
>> any reason, using vfs2 or anything else, they can set a system class
>> loader with -Djava.system.class.loader=my.custom.CustomClassLoader
>> when they run java. This is an advanced Java option supported by Java
>> itself, and really shouldn't be a problem to punt this downstream.
>> Classloading is way outside the scope of what Accumulo does anyway,
>> and Accumulo should have its complexity centered around what it does,
>> and not "bells and whistles" on top of basic Java language functions.
>> If we wanted to, we could use our current classloading code to create
>> a classloader which could be used this way... and maybe provide it as
>> an example or explain it in a blog post. But, Accumulo shouldn't be
>> doing special sauce class loading... there are other projects that are
>> better suited to specializing that for any Java application... and
>> there's no reason we need it so tightly coupled to Accumulo.
>> Of course, there's still some utility in the per-table context
>> classloaders for pluggable components like iterators... and there's
>> probably room for improvement in the configuration of those... but the
>> main startup classloading is probably best to rip out.
>> I'm not sure if it should be done for 2.0 or not... maybe yes. I'd be
>> willing to rip it out... I enjoy ripping things out and reducing code
>> complexity. But, I don't really have a desire to do the work of
>> implementing or blogging about alternatives, if that's even necessary.
>> I'd hope that somebody else would do that, if they felt it was really
>> necessary once the built-in stuff was ripped out. For me, I'd be happy
>> mentioning the feature in the release notes, maybe linking to the docs
>> on the feature, and leaving implementation as an exercise for
>> downstream, with an open invitation for a guest blog on our website
>> about how it could be done.
>> I've been thinking we're probably going to want a second alpha... or a
>> beta, before 2.0 final... and if we did this for 2.0, I'd definitely
>> want another pre-release release first.
>> On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 3:10 PM Dave Marion <> wrote:
>>> I have talked with Christopher about the VFS class loader in general 
>>> and I
>>> think he has a good approach. He can elaborate further if needed, 
>>> but the
>>> approach is to move it out of the core project and allow users to 
>>> configure
>>> it at runtime using the java.system.class.loader system property. 
>>> There are
>>> organizations using the VFSClassloader successfully, maybe it just 
>>> needs to
>>> be reimplemented.
>>> On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 2:58 PM Sean Busbey 
>>> <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> sounds like a good DISCUSS thread for 2.0?
>>>> On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 1:43 PM Josh Elser <> wrote:
>>>>> It seems like commons-vfs2 is just a pile of crap.
>>>>> It's been known to have bugs for years and we've seen zero 
>>>>> progress from
>>>>> them on making them better.
>>>>> IMO, rip the whole damn thing out.
>>>>> On 10/24/18 12:42 PM, Matthew Peterson wrote:
>>>>>> Hello Accumulo,
>>>>>> Summary: commons-vfs2 version 2.2 seems to have problems and it 
>>>>>> may be
>>>>>> worth rolling back to version 2.1 of commons-vfs2.
>>>>>> My project upgraded a system from Accumulo 1.8.1 to 1.9.2.  
>>>>>> Immediately
>>>>>> after switching vfs contexts we saw problems.  The tservers would
>>>> error in
>>>>>> iterators about missing classes that were clearly on the classpath.
>>>> The
>>>>>> problems were persistent until we replaced the commons-vfs2.jar with
>>>>>> version 2.1 (Accumulo 1.9.2 uses version 2.2).  Until we rolled
>>>> back,
>>>>>> we received errors particularly with Spring code trying to access
>>>> various
>>>>>> classes and files within the jars.  It looks like in 2.2, 
>>>>>> commons-vfs
>>>>>> implemented a doDetach method which closed the zip files.  We 
>>>>>> suspect
>>>> that
>>>>>> code is the problem but haven't tested that theory.
>>>>>> I suspect that most users don't use this feature.
>>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>>> Matt
>>>> -- 
>>>> busbey

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