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From "J. Mark Owens" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Proposed formatter change: 100 char lines
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2018 13:29:35 GMT
I would be in favor of this change. As my eyes continue to get weaker, I 
have to use larger fonts resulting in a lot of the code being off the 
screen. The constant need to scroll horizontally can get irritating.

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From: "Christopher" <>
To: "accumulo-dev" <>
Sent: 2/15/2018 11:24:31 PM
Subject: [DISCUSS] Proposed formatter change: 100 char lines

>Primarily for accessibility reasons (screen space with a comfortable 
>but also to support readability for devs working on sensibly-sized 
>I want to change our formatter to format with 100 char line length 
>of its current 160.
>Many of our files need to be reformatted anyway, because the current
>formatter is configured incorrectly for Java 8 lambda syntax and needs 
>be fixed, so this might be a good opportunity to make the switch.
>Also, at this point I think it is sensible to require Java 8 to build
>Accumulo... even when building older branches. (Accumulo 1.x will still
>support running on Java 7, of course, but Java 8 would be required to 
>it). The reason for this requirement is that in order to reduce merge
>conflicts and merge bugs between branches, I'd like to update the
>formatting across all branches, but the formatter which supports this
>syntax requires Java 8 to run. The alternative to requiring Java 8 
>would be
>to only run the formatter when building with Java 8... and skip 
>if building with Java 7, which might result in some unformatted
>contributions, depending on the JRE version used to build.

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