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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Hadoop3 support target?
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:28:05 GMT
1.a sounds better to me.

A would be the ideal solution, I think B is the next best if A doesn't work.

I need to get the Hadoop3 compatibility fixed, so I'll be investigating 
the Hadoop shaded artifacts this week.

On 12/5/17 6:43 PM, Christopher wrote:
> I was wondering about Hadoop 3 shading and whether that would help us. It
> would be really nice if it could, or if there was some other class path
> solution that was easy.
> I think there are two major issues in this thread. The first is the API
> problems. The second is the Hadoop 3 support. They are related, but I think
> quickly dealing with the API issues can clarify what our options are for
> Hadoop 3.
> To fix the API, I would like to get consensus on proceeding with this path:
> 1. Rename 1.8.2-SNAPSHOT to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT and deprecate the existing
> ZooKeeperInstance constructor which takes a Configuration
>      a) Deprecate ClientConfiguration and replace with ClientConfig (or a
> better name) which does not extend Configuration or have API leak problems,
> and add a new ZKI constructor for this
>      b) Ignore extends for now, and drop it from ClientConfiguration in 2.0
> with a break (can't deprecate superclass), and add new ZKI constructor for
> more specific ClientConfiguration next to deprecated one
> 2. Drop deprecated stuff from 2.0 branch (and extends, if option 1.b was
> chosen)
> 3. Plan a 1.9.0 release instead of 1.8.2
> I prefer 1.a over 1.b, personally, but I've been tossing back and forth. I
> would need input on which is best. There are pros and cons to both,
> regarding churn, and source and binary compatibility.
> Once we deal with the API, our options for Hadoop 3 become:
> A. Use Hadoop 3 shaded artifacts or some other class path solution (such as
> getting lucky identifying a version of commons-beanutils that works for
> both)
> B. Shade in 1.9 with a breaking change
> C. Create a 1.9 version named 2.0, so we can do a breaking change without
> semver violation; shade in this version
> D. Shade in the branch we're currently calling 2.0
> I think we can defer that decision pending some further
> investigation/experimentation into what works, and deal with it after
> dealing with steps 1-3 above (but soon after, hopefully).
> On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 3:58 PM Josh Elser <> wrote:
>> Another potential suggestion I forgot about: we try to just move to the
>> Hadoop shaded artifacts. This would invalidate the need to do more, but
>> I have no idea how "battle-tested" those artifacts are.
>> On 12/5/17 3:52 PM, Keith Turner wrote:
>>> If we do the following.
>>>    * Drop ZooKeeperInstance.ZooKeeperInstance(Configuration config)
>> method.
>>>    * Drop extends from ClientConfig
>>>    * Add a method ZooKeeperInstance.ZooKeeperInstance(ClientConfig config)
>>> Then this will not be binary compatible, so it will still be painful
>>> in many cases.   It may be source compatible.
>>> For example the following will be source (but not binary) compatible.
>>>     ClientConfiguration cc = new ClientConfiguration(file);
>>>     //when compiled against older version of Accumulo will bind to
>>> method with commons config signature
>>>     //when recompiled will bind to clientconfig version of method
>>>     ZooKeeperInstance zki = new ZooKeeperInstance(cc);
>>> The following would not be source or binary compatible.
>>>     Configuration cc = new ClientConfiguration(file);
>>>     ZooKeeperInstance zki = new ZooKeeperInstance(cc);
>>> On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 3:40 PM, Josh Elser <> wrote:
>>>> On 12/5/17 3:28 PM, Keith Turner wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 2:53 PM, Josh Elser<> 
>>>>>> Interesting. What makes you want to deprecate ClientConfig entirely?
>>>>>> I'd be worried about removing without sufficient thought of
>> replacement
>>>>>> around. It would be a bit "churn-y" to introduce yet another way
>>>>>> clients have to connect (since it was introduced in 1.6-ish?). Working
>>>>>> around the ClientConfig changes was irritating for the downstream
>>>>>> integrations (Hive, most notably).
>>>>> Ok maybe thats a bad idea, not looking to cause pain.  Here were some
>>>>> of my goals.
>>>>>     * Remove commons config from API completely via deprecation cycle.
>>>>>     * Introduce API that supports putting all props needed to connect
>>>>> Accumulo in an API.
>>>>> I suppose if we want to keep ClientConfig class in API, then there is
>>>>> no way to remove commons config via a deprecation cycle??  We can't
>>>>> deprecate the extension of commons config, all we can do is just drop
>>>>> it at some point.
>>>> My line of thinking is that the majority of the time, we're creating a
>>>> ClientConfiguration by one of:
>>>> * ClientConfiguration#loadDefault()
>>>> * new ClientConfiguration(String)
>>>> * new ClientConfiguration(File)
>>>> Granted, we also inherit/expose a few other things (notably extending
>>>> CompositeConfiguration and throwing ConfigurationException). I would be
>>>> comfortable with dropping those w/o deprecation. I have not seen
>> evidence
>>>> from anyone that they are widely in use by folks (although I've not
>>>> explicitly asked, either).

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