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From Christopher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Maven 3.5.0?
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 02:24:43 GMT
Okay, so, PR#314[1] updates the formatter plugin in the master branch to
fix an issue with the previous formatter, which stopped formatting
javadocs. Unfortunately, the newer plugin also declares that it requires
Maven 3.5.0 or later to run. This is probably not true, but it does seem to
be enforced by some versions of Maven, which refuse to execute the plugin.

So, we have a two choices:

1. Revert the change, and wait for a possible upstream fix which will let
us do builds with earlier versions of Maven, or
2. Accept it as is, and just do builds in the master branch with the latest
and greatest version of Maven, 3.5.0.
  2a. Configure the maven-enforcer-plugin in Accumulo's builds to require
Maven 3.5.0 or later to solidify the decision, or
  2b. Leave Accumulo's minimum build version at 3.2.5, as it is today, and
hope the formatter plugin backs off on its requirements in a newer version,
which we will update to when available so builds won't fail when using
3.2.5 or 3.3.9.

Personally, I'm inclined to prefer option 2b. Maven 3.5.0 is pretty nice to
use anyway. I'm loving the colorized output. And also, we need something to
keep the formatting correct during development in the master branch, and
the earlier versions either have broken javadoc formatting, or use a very
antiquated Eclipse formatter that is terrible at line-wrapping. Given the
choices, I don't think requiring builds to be done with 3.5.0 is all that
bad. 2b is a decent option over 2a, because you can still add
'-P!autoformat' to skip formatting if you're stuck with an older version of

And, if anybody is interested, I already updated Jenkins jobs on to use Maven 3.5.0, so they should be fine, regardless.


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