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From ivan bella <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Maven 3.5.0?
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:00:30 GMT
+1 2b

perhaps we could automatically skip the javadoc formatting if not using Maven 3.5.0+ with
an appropriate console message.

> On October 23, 2017 at 10:24 PM Christopher wrote:
> Okay, so, PR#314[1] updates the formatter plugin in the master branch to
> fix an issue with the previous formatter, which stopped formatting
> javadocs. Unfortunately, the newer plugin also declares that it requires
> Maven 3.5.0 or later to run. This is probably not true, but it does seem to
> be enforced by some versions of Maven, which refuse to execute the plugin.
> So, we have a two choices:
> 1. Revert the change, and wait for a possible upstream fix which will let
> us do builds with earlier versions of Maven, or
> 1. Accept it as is, and just do builds in the master branch with the latest
> and greatest version of Maven, 3.5.0.
>  2a. Configure the maven-enforcer-plugin in Accumulo's builds to require
> Maven 3.5.0 or later to solidify the decision, or
>  2b. Leave Accumulo's minimum build version at 3.2.5, as it is today, and
> hope the formatter plugin backs off on its requirements in a newer version,
> which we will update to when available so builds won't fail when using
> 3.2.5 or 3.3.9.
> Personally, I'm inclined to prefer option 2b. Maven 3.5.0 is pretty nice to
> use anyway. I'm loving the colorized output. And also, we need something to
> keep the formatting correct during development in the master branch, and
> the earlier versions either have broken javadoc formatting, or use a very
> antiquated Eclipse formatter that is terrible at line-wrapping. Given the
> choices, I don't think requiring builds to be done with 3.5.0 is all that
> bad. 2b is a decent option over 2a, because you can still add
> '-P!autoformat' to skip formatting if you're stuck with an older version of
> Maven.
> And, if anybody is interested, I already updated Jenkins jobs on
> to use Maven 3.5.0, so they should be fine, regardless.
> [1]:

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