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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] GitBox
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 21:37:59 GMT

Mike Miller wrote:
> I think there are many benefits already mentioned that would make it worth
> the switch.  I would add frames to the list of annoyances in JIRA.
>> >  I think having relevant project tracking information shared across two
> separate systems is a recipe for disaster.
> This sounds like our current setup... GitHub + JIRA no?  If we had an easy
> to migrate open issues than JIRA just becomes an archive.  Might be a good
> chance to clean up old tickets too.

No, GH is only supplementary. JIRA is the "source system" for tracking 
Accumulo as a project. But, this isn't a discussion about switching to 
Github issues, as Christopher clarified earlier. That's a whole other 
can of worms I definitely don't want to open.

If a transition to Gitbox is paving the way to move to issues, that's a 
different issue. I'd have more concerns WRT how we do project mgmt in 
that case.

>> >  Given the overall "low" activity on the project, I don't see a point in
> disrupting what has been working for us and what the gray-beards are used
> to doing.
> I would argue this as a reason to switch - more convenience for new
> developers should be a priority over propagating the habits of current
> developers.

As a gray-beard, I don't really have much other ability than to just 
disagree with you on this point.

>> >  without a specific hole in our current process, this just seems likely to
> create confusion about how to use it.
> I agree, there would be confusion at first and an adjustment period (like
> any change would require).  I would also agree there aren't holes in the
> current process but this change wouldn't fill a hole, it would fix flaws in
> the process.  Requiring 2 accounts and unnecessary copy and pasting between
> the sites are flaws in the process.
> Does GitHub issues have custom filters?  If not, then that is one thing we
> would lose.  But these may not be needed if it just works better.

... what flaws? All I've seen so far are UX complaints. Have I failed to 
grasp something? What copy-pasting are you referring to?

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