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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Rethinking monitor log receiver
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 17:17:16 GMT
Christopher wrote:
> OnTue, Feb 7, 2017  at 11:02 AM  Billie Rinaldi<>
> wrote:
>> >  I am a fan of the log-forwarding feature. I wouldn't mind if there were an
>> >  option to turn it off for users that don't want it. I also wouldn't mind if
>> >  someone wanted to improve how the log-forwarding mechanism is implemented.
>> >  Option (2) doesn't work for me, though. I need the log-forwarding
>> >  destination(s) to be discovered automatically rather than requiring it to
>> >  be known in advance / configured manually by the user.
>> >
>> >
> Using DNS (CNAME) for the monitor destination might be a better solution
> for auto-routing to the current monitor, rather than the auto-discovery
> happening inside Accumulo. The DNS solution won't work for random ports...
> but I'm not sure what the use is for a monitor that isn't served to a
> well-known location. A custom appender which does the logic (rather than
> the standard socket appender, custom properties, and tserver logic) would
> also work, if the services are properly advertised.
> What are your thoughts on these?

I don't know much about DNS, but I know enough to say that trying to 
provide a DNS-based approach would be a bigger burden than what we have 
now (security concerns and deployment into "enterprise" environments).

Also, Billie can probably speak to this better than I can, but with DNS 
(at least in Java), you'll also have to deal with caching of stale 

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