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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Write or Ingest bottleneck
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 17:49:15 GMT
Each tabletserver is ingesting 90M entries/second? That sounds pretty 
darn good to me for a 3GB heap.

All Accumulo configuration should be consistent across *all* nodes 
running Accumulo processes.

I don't believe you have shared the characteristics of your hardware yet 
either. What are the available resources? How much memory, CPU, network, 
and I/O (number and types of disks)?

I also am not comprehending what you are asking with this question: "Is 
my cluster does not change the scale of the cluster, no way to do to 
upgrade it"

Let's approach this from a different angle: what rates are you 
*expecting* to see and what gives you this expectation?

hujs wrote:
>      Thank you, I cluster the size of each machine-Xmx is 2g. When I
> configure-Xmx = Xms = 3g, performance is not improved. I set
> tserver.mutation.queue.max = 50m, 100m or 150m, the performance is not much
> improvement. My table's property table.durability has always been flush.
> These attributes should be installed in the master machine? My master is
> designated. I run into my records, each tserver node ingest rate only
> reached more than 90 million entry / s, running ingest rate
> slightly faster then a little. Ingest rate really not very fast. Is my
> cluster does not change the scale of the cluster, no way to do to upgrade
> it? If so, how can I judge my cluster has not improve performance, but the
> need to expand the hardware resources, what should I do, and you should have
> other better suggestions, right?
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