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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Write or Ingest bottleneck
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 16:38:12 GMT
Without seeing your images:

Make sure that your split points actually divide up your data.

For example, if you only write data where the rowId starts with the 
letters a-z but your split the table on numbers 0-9, only one tablet 
will receive the data.

The entries in a table is an approximation. It does not account for data 
that is only resident in memory. If you issue a compaction (`compact -t 
<tablename> -w` in the Accumulo shell) after you have written all of the 
data, you will see a correct number of results in the Monitor. The 
monitor is only for informational purposes -- it often times is showing 
approximations, not guaranteed consistent results.

"pre-split table using the threshold points" <- I don't know what you 
mean by "threshold points".

Josh Elser wrote:
> Apache mailing lists regularly strip attachments. Can you please host
> the images elsewhere and provide links to them?
> hjs19890 wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I have some problems need help. see Figure 1, I have hjs_v table pre
>> split multiple tablets, but I insert a large amount of data into the
>> cluster only one intake of data, the other two free, I have done many
>> times Like this operation, are the same result.
>> See Figure 2, the three tserver nodes of the tablets unbalanced, and
>> save10, save11 display entries is not correct. I would like to know what
>> causes this kind of result, how do I deal with such a problem?
>> Note: pre-split table using the threshold points, My cluster is balanced
>> three days ago. My cluster is a master, composed of three tservers.

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