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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: My mistake (force push)
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2016 22:42:25 GMT
No problem! Mistakes happen :)

Thanks for the quick fix and notification of what happened.

Christopher wrote:
> Accumulators,
> I accidentally made a big mistake with my authorship information in a
> recent commit to the accumulo git repository.
> Git was somehow pointing to somebody else's .gitconfig file when I authored
> my commits for ACCUMULO-4514, so the authorship information on my last
> commits were incorrect. I immediately corrected the author information and
> did a force push.
>   * This affected only my commits, and nobody else's.
>   * The contents of the commits was not changed... only the author
> information.
>   * The affected branches were: 1.7, 1.8, master
> I understand this it is not normal, or expected to see force pushes like
> this. My reasoning was that I did *NOT* have that user's permission to use
> their information in my commit, and I did not want to misrepresent myself
> as them when they had nothing to do with those commits. I was also able to
> notice the problem and fix it very quickly, so I was reasonably confident
> that it would be fixed before anybody would notice.
> However, since it was my mistake, I do owe the community an apology. Please
> forgive this serious error in judgment. I will endeavor to verify my
> commits more thoroughly before pushing them in the future.
> Thank you for your understanding. If this impacted your
> clone/mirror/checkout in any way (because I did not correct it fast
> enough), please let me know, and I will provide any necessary git expertise
> to correct your environment.
> (Private list CC'd to ensure PMC members not tracking this list closely
> will be fully informed.)
> Christopher

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