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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Official release dates / DOAP out-of-date
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 01:08:04 GMT
I would say that things are released when we announce it to the public, 
but the entire "official release date" is of no concern to me at all 
(dates within a week or two is completely fine to me).

Christopher wrote:
> I noticed that there were a few missing releases in our DOAP file, and I
> also noticed lots of discrepancies between what's in JIRA as the release
> date, when the tag was created, when the announcement was made (and on
> which list), what the date was in, and what the date
> was in DOAP.
> There are 3 places we record the "official" release date:
>   * doap_Accumulo.rdf
>   * JIRA
>   *
> Reporter actually has a sync-to-JIRA feature (but it's off-by-one... I'm
> investigating that), and I'd like to just use that feature rather than try
> to manually keep things sync'd up there also, so that leaves just 2 places
> to update.
> There are several sources we can use for the "official" release date:
>   * SCM tag date
>   * Date uploaded to SVN dist
>   * Announce email date
>   * Vote date
> I don't like using the vote date, because that doesn't say when the release
> occurred, just when we agreed on what will comprise the release. SVN dist
> might technically be the best date to use, but it's a pain to track that
> down, and it typically precedes the announcement by at least 24 hours. I
> think I like announce date the best, but we actually forgot to announce on
> at least one occasion, and we sometimes announce on different lists (dev@
> user@ announce@).
> Even if they are wrong, I'd like to sync up these different locations, so
> they don't show different dates for a release... and I'd like to decide on
> a standard from now on, so we know what a date means, and it doesn't vary
> so much.

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