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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Co-working day notes from 2016/08/16
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2016 21:09:46 GMT
In the spirit of full-transparency, here's a summary of some 
conversations that I recall being discussed during a central Maryland 
co-working day. As always, these were just some discussions between 
individuals - not project planning.

* Discussed ongoing testing efforts for 1.8.0 release candidates (rc1 
and rc2 at the time). See dev-list for more information as this is 
happening in realtime.

* The maven-semver-plugin and the ability for that tool to replace what 
we currently rely on japi to do [1]

* Lengthy discussion about the final steps to remove Accumulo's 
dependency on log4j1 and think about a path forward to support other 
logging frameworks (behind slf4j) such as logback or log4j2 [2]

* Discussed the feasibility of introducing a priority mechanism to 
scheduling bulk-imports. We talked about introducing a PriorityQueue 
into the Master to provide some ordering of requests. Time would likely 
be a factor in computing this priority (for the Queue) to ensure that 
non-important bulkimport requests are not ignored indefinitely.

- Josh


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