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From <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Plan for next release
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2016 21:47:20 GMT

Additionally, I'm also +1 for removing deprecated items. Leaving them in will cause more code
to be modified as bugs are fixed and features added. Let's rip the band-aid off and move forward.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christopher []
> Sent: Monday, August 22, 2016 5:22 PM
> To: Accumulo Dev List
> Subject: [VOTE] Plan for next release
> After our lengthy (sorry for that) discussions about Java 8, 1.8.0, and 2.0.0, I
> wanted to bring us to a vote, just so we can have a concrete plan of action,
> without any ambiguity or uncertainty. A vote is the best option available for
> resolving differences of opinion about our upcoming release plans.
> The action to vote on is the following:
>     (+1): Drop 1.8 branch, stabilize the master branch, and release 2.0.0 from
> master
> If the vote fails to pass, the default action (which is implied by a -1) is the
> following:
>     (-1): Release 1.8.0, supporting a 1.8.x release series; 2.0.0 and the master
> branch will be addressed at some unspecified future time
> This is a majority vote regarding release plans, so we can make progress on a
> reasonable release timeline. Specific changes in a branch can still be veto'd
> while we work towards the release, as normal, regardless of the outcome of
> this vote.
> Here's some main points to consider for this vote:
> * Everything in the 1.8 branch is included in the Master branch.
> * Master branch requires Java 8.
> * Releasing from master will allow us to work from master again for routine
> development, instead of reserving master for unstable development (which
> is how it currently has been treated).
> * Master branch aggressively removes deprecated stuffs; I'm actively
> working on reverting these in master regardless of the vote, because they
> introduced some destabilization.
> * The one deprecation removal which I intend to keep in Master is the
> removal of the trace library (not the tracer server, which will stay). We don't
> need the trace library, because we now use HTrace. If people need the
> deprecated HTrace wrappers for their own code in that trace library, they
> should still be able to use the wrappers in the 1.7 version of accumulo-trace.
> They won't need it for Accumulo, though, because Accumulo doesn't use it,
> not even in the 1.7 branch. This would be added to the release notes if this
> vote passes.
> * After reverting the deprecation removals, the master branch is *very*
> similar to the 1.8 branch right now. It contains only a few extra commits,
> mostly for Java 8-related cleanups and README improvements. (git log
> origin/1.8..origin/master --no-merges --oneline)
> * If this vote passes, it will be 100%, or nearly 100%, backwards-compatible
> with 1.7.x, just as 1.8 branch is today. This is because there haven't been
> much changes in the master branch which aren't coming from merges from
> 1.8. This will mean that the entire 2.x line will be just as backwards-
> compatible as this next release and there will be no significant deprecation
> removals from [1.7.0, 3.0).
> This vote will end on Thu Aug 25 21:30:00 UTC 2016 (Thu Aug 25 17:30:00 EDT
> 2016 / Thu Aug 25 14:30:00 PDT 2016)

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