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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Proposed binary packaging changes
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2016 20:35:05 GMT

Christopher wrote:
>> I've had quite the foray into ASF release policies over the past two
>> >  days which brings me back to this.
>> >
>> >  I really don't believe that the amount of effort you claim we will save
>> >  will actually be beneficial overall. Our dependencies do not frequently
>> >  change which means that our L&N also do not frequently change.
>> >
>> >  Even if I do concede that it will make things more simple for Accumulo
>> >  in the short-term, you're forcing change from N organizations which
>> >  already integrate Accumulo in its current state (you would force all
>> >  downstream to change). I would rather solve this once in Accumulo.
>> >
>> >  If you want to create such a script to help users build their own
>> >  artifact for their specific installation: great. I believe that the
>> >  argument that such a script would save time in Accumulo in managing our
>> >  L&N is false.
>> >
> I know it would have saved me a ton of time (and sanity) moving to
> commons-math3. How often it saves us time is debatable, agreed. But, that's
> not a primary motivation. It's just a slight benefit, which might reduce
> the burden of bumping dep versions.
> I have a PR ready to push... not sure I'm 100% happy with it, because of
> the way it downloads deps one at a time (might be easier to download then
> all at once using maven... but with some complication), and some of the
> changes need to be pushed as a separate commit anyway. So perhaps you'll be
> able to see better what I'm thinking when you can see the changeset.
> As I said before, this isn't really about a single (or a few) big
> benefit(s). It's about numerous tiny ones, which are admittedly hard to
> measure. Whether it pays off in the long-run is hard to tell, but that's
> what I'm targeting... the long-term, though there may be some road bumps in
> the short-term. I'm convinced this is the right thing to do, but I can
> understand the reluctance to accept my conclusion, when I've not done a
> good job of articulating dramatic, easy-to-see benefits.:(

Would it be better for me to wait for your push before continuing 
discussion? I feel like it's hard to talk over hypotheticals and might 
just be distracting :). With changes, we can outline positives/negatives 
rather than feelings.

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