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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Jenkins disclaimer
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2016 02:18:07 GMT
Well then, that sounds like an interesting discussion. Thanks for the 
clarification :)

Christopher wrote:
> I just had an interesting conversation with some folks in HipChat #asfinfra.
> As follow-up from that dialogue, I just want to clarify:
> The build/CI server I'm running at is not
> affiliated with ASF in any way, and is not part of Apache's infrastructure.
> Nor is it under the operational control of the Accumulo PMC.
> Rather, it is an independent, 3rd-party build server which builds Accumulo,
> and attempts to notify the developers of the result via contributions to
> Accumulo's public mailing lists, just as any contributor would email the
> mailing list to report issues after attempting to build Accumulo manually.
> It should not be relied upon in any "official" capacity as "the Accumulo
> project's build server".
> Any reports it provides to the mailing list are purely advisory. The
> Accumulo PMC is free to accept or reject email notifications from this
> service, just as it is responsible for moderating any other email
> contributions.
> I don't know that actually clarifies anything for anybody... but it seemed
> prudent to say explicitly, because it seemed like some folks might be
> concerned about some projects' reliance on services outside of ASF
> infrastructure might be misconstrued as under-the-table donations to the
> Foundation.
> The bottom line is: this service runs independently from the Foundation, is
> not affiliated with the Foundation, and is not being provided as a donation
> to the Foundation.
> If you have any questions, please send them to me off-list so as not to
> disrupt development discussions.
> :)

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