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From z11373 <>
Subject measuring perf
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 13:35:39 GMT
Good morning!
I have a service running against different Accumulo instance (in different
Both Accumulo should have same configurations, but I was told by consumer of
my service is they experience one is faster than one in another datacenter.
The service being deployed is running on machine with same spec, and most
operations are against Accumulo, hence I am interested to capture the perf
(including network latency from Accumulo server to my service), and compare
them to verify if the problem is indeed accessing Accumulo instance is
slower than the other one. Right now I capture time from my service being
called and results being returned, but that doesn't tell how much time it
spent on Accumulo.

Unlike in traditional SQL database, I could measure the time it takes to run
a SELECT statement for example, but in Accumulo, nothing being read from
server, until we iterate (my understanding may be wrong), so for now I am
thinking perhaps I'd set the start time before setting the ranges, and set
the stop time when there is no more item from that iterator. Is this
reasonable, or perhaps there is a better way?

For additional info, my service will read from iterator, for each item, it
will make another scanner (and set range), and iterate again, and so on. So
if it ends up with 10 scanners, my current approach will log 10 perf


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