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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Data authorization/visibility limit in Accumulo
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2016 18:50:25 GMT
Yeah, for building a real security-tagging system, the labeling that 
Accumulo does is only one "piece of the puzzle". For example, you would 
likely have external systems that define the authorizations that your 
users would have. The authorization and labeling that Accumulo does is a 
hard piece of that puzzle on its own, it's just not, in itself, a 
complete solution for you to pull off the shelf.

A very valid criticism of Accumulo would be that there aren't good 
public examples available that show how this can be built (they're 
always talked about in the abstract).

Such a practical example would be of great worth to the project/community.

Fikri Akbar wrote:
> Hi Again guys,
> Thanks Josh&  Dylan for the suggestions, here are our updates regarding the
> data ingestion&  visibility issues.
> We've tried several workaround and used some of the suggestions offered for
> our particular issues, and we've decided for the data ingestion to use the
> bulk ingestion as the most suitable approach for getting large data sets
> into accumulo.
> "creating Accumuo RFiles and performing bulk ingest/bulk loading is by far
> the most efficient way to getting data into Accumulo."
> However, for the visibility issue, we don't find any suitable solution from
> accumulo (at the moment) to handle the situation. We have suspected that
> accumulo's visibility is more towards labeling, turns out it is true :(.
> Hence, we decided to build (sort of) security layer for user's data
> visibility level. We're on a tight schedule, this won't be the final
> solution, but definitely will help us mend the situation a bit. Hopefully
> we'll come up/find something better in the near future.
> Thanks again for the help guys, much appreciated. Cheers
> Regards,
> *Fikri Akbar*
> Technology
> *PT Mediatrac Sistem Komunikasi*
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