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From Josh Elser <>
Subject On the future of our commons-vfs2 dynamic classloading implementation
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2016 15:35:09 GMT
I was trying to test out Dylan's patch this weekend and was met with a 
repeated failure of another VFS unit test due to the same race condition 
we've been fighting against for years.

A cursory glance to vfs' website show still shows that they haven't made 
the 2.1 release which supposedly fixes this issue. In other words, they 
have no made a release since 2011.

I'm now under the assumption that we cannot rely on them to make a 
release. As such, if the community wishes to continue to support this 
feature, something needs to happen before 1.8.0 -- fork vfs, use/build 
some other library for this functionality, or remove the 
dynamic-classloader functionality from Accumulo completely.

I've tried to be very patient waiting for this to happen, but I'm rather 
frustrated having wasted significant time over the past years (not even 
exaggerating which is even crazier) working around known broken code 
that is unusable by users.


- Josh

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