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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Pulling out the examples
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2016 00:37:27 GMT
I'd like to see some process put into place to mitigate "bit-rot". If 
the examples don't live in the "main" repository, how do we make sure 
they don't get ignored and become dead or "bad" code?

For questions at the foreground now:

* Can we set up new CI jobs that build the new examples repo against 
* How do we vet the examples for a release?
* Does a release of Accumulo "proper" imply a release of the examples? 
Or are they two separate things?
* What versions of Accumulo would we expect these examples to build 
against? Anything that isn't EOL'ed?

I'm sure there are lots of details that I'm skipping over, but I'd like 
to see a plan on how to address these general concerns before pulling 
out any code.

Michael Wall wrote:
> Talking with Keith and Christopher today, they mentioned it might be useful
> to pull the examples out of Accumulo into a separate project with it's own
> repo.  Here are some talking points
> - Provide an easy means to run examples against the MiniAccumuloCluster.
> - Give users the ability to run examples without having to worry with the
> rest of the codebase.
> - Allow testing of the same examples against different releases.
> - Could force the examples to use the external APIs only if we reorg'd the
> packages.
> - Potentially fold the wikisearch into this examples projects and bring it
> back up to date.
> To this end, I started with master
> (e2055020219e6d56afb8d19b5a8eea519599f8b1) and deleted everything that
> didn't seem to be related to examples.  Very early stages, but it is pushed
> to  The command 'mvn clean
> test' works, but the default Accumulo version is 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.  I was
> surprised that 'mvn clean test -Daccumulo.version=1.6.4'  and 'mvn clean
> test -Daccumulo.version=1.7.0' both failed to compile, but in different
> ways.
> Interested in everyone's thoughts.
> Mike

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