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From z11373 <>
Subject cached connector
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 15:58:39 GMT
The code in my service cache the Accumulo connector, but it will create new
scanner every time.
Yesterday I was informed that the test client experienced slowness, I
realized I only deployed 1 service instance, so those multiple clients will
share a single connector. So I deployed additional 19 services, and perf is
improved. However, I noticed the original service instance (the one which
has been running for few days) consistently taking > 100x slower for same
query (i.e. Accumulo reads) when running on any of those 19 service
instances. I could kill that instance, and restart new one, and I am sure
that issue will be gone.
My questions:
1. Since I haven't killed that service instance yet, is it possible to debug
and find out the culprit? 100x slower is too much. Is that expected? What
could be causing the slowness?
2. This makes me think caching Accumulo connector may not be a good idea.
Current implementation is the cache got refreshed if there's exception. Slow
read won't trigger exception, so it stays in the cache. Is it recommended to
not caching the Accumulo connector?


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