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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Yetus Accumulo "Personality"
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 06:00:28 GMT
FYI was merged in last week.

Eric had also sent me a reply off-list which asked if it would be 
possible to do a `mvn verify -Psunny` to run the small set of ITs we 
have defined in the pom (Examples, ReadWrite, and ShellServer ITs, IIRC).

Ignoring the issue of whether or not we could even run those tests on 
ASF infra, I would guess that we could write a plugin that runs Maven 
integration tests (like they run unit tests) and approach the 
functionality that way. We could expose some control which determine 
whether or not these integration tests were invoked.

I also commented with some output on Matt's patch from ACCUMULO-2493 -- 
I found it rather pleasant to run a single command and get a nice 
summary of his changes.

Josh Elser wrote:
> For those interested in following along with the PreCommit work, see
> A "personality", in Yetus parlance, defines the the tests/checks that
> PreCommit will run against Accumulo. For us, it's pretty simple. The
> personality I provided on YETUS-263 will, for a patch/changeset run:
> * Checkstyle
> * Findbugs
> * RAT check
> * @author javadoc check
> * Some extra whitespace
> * All unit tests (not just in the module where changes were made)
> * Compiler warnings
> * Javadoc warnings
> * Presence of new unit tests
> One already built in feature that I didn't wire up is ShellCheck for our
> shell scripts. This will require a bit of fixing on our end first.
> For more general information, Chris Nauroth wrote up a good explanation
> for adopting the same approach in ZooKeeper (and did a much better job
> than me
> Anywho, nothing really changing here yet (I'm hoping Sean will write up
> instructions about how to configure the Jenkins job for us
> That would signify a
> step for Accumulo specifically. Until then, this is just an FYI.
> - Josh

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