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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Yetus Accumulo "Personality"
Date Thu, 31 Dec 2015 01:53:49 GMT
For those interested in following along with the PreCommit work, see

A "personality", in Yetus parlance, defines the the tests/checks that 
PreCommit will run against Accumulo. For us, it's pretty simple. The 
personality I provided on YETUS-263 will, for a patch/changeset run:

* Checkstyle
* Findbugs
* RAT check
* @author javadoc check
* Some extra whitespace
* All unit tests (not just in the module where changes were made)
* Compiler warnings
* Javadoc warnings
* Presence of new unit tests

One already built in feature that I didn't wire up is ShellCheck for our 
shell scripts. This will require a bit of fixing on our end first.

For more general information, Chris Nauroth wrote up a good explanation 
for adopting the same approach in ZooKeeper (and did a much better job 
than me

Anywho, nothing really changing here yet (I'm hoping Sean will write up 
instructions about how to configure the Jenkins job for us That would signify a 
step for Accumulo specifically. Until then, this is just an FYI.

- Josh

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