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From z11373 <>
Subject Re: tablet split
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2015 17:11:00 GMT
Thanks Josh!
Unfortunately, the monitor only shows which tablet servers where a specific
table's tablets are hosted, and number of entries. I actually need
additional information.
For example, current info shown on the monitor for table A (with 6 tablets):

Tablet Server 1:
# of tablets = 1, # of entries: 10.78M
Tablet Server 2:
# of tablets = 1, # of entries: 22.92M
Tablet Server 3:
# of tablets = 1, # of entries: 13.52M
Tablet Server 4:
# of tablets = 2, # of entries: 135.12M
Tablet Server 5:
# of tablets = 1, # of entries: 34.58M

The data being stored are something like (below is row id value):

There will be case which data with row id 1_xxxxx are ten times more than
2_xxxxx and 3_xxxxx,  which in that case, I am afraid it could be the tablet
server 4 with 135.12M entries (in example above) is where all rows with
'1_xxxxx', or very likely that Accumulo will distribute the data with same
row id prefix to other tablet servers?


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