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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accumulo 1.5.4-rc1
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 22:49:59 GMT

Sean Busbey wrote:
> We can't tie the ability to vote -1 on a release to volunteering to fix the
> issue that causes a -1. Presuming a release is valued by the community, the
> work will get done.
> At the same time, it is crappy for Josh to be expected to fix everything,
> especially if he doesn't want to fill the role of janitor. We all have
> plenty of other things to do, but so does he.


> So let's deal with the matter of the vote at hand first. After that we can
> deal with fixing things, hopefully with Josh abstaining. (Josh I'd
> recommend un-assigning yourself from the issue if you'd prefer someone else
> take it up.)

I'll likely make time tonight to bash through as many of the issues as I 
can tonight. The assumption was that if 1.5.4 was going to happen "now", 
I would be the one who had to do it, hence my quick self-assign. 
Hopefully that was not interpreted as I'm doing it all (I think not 
since Christopher had asked me how he could help too).

I'm not sure why I have to abstain... but I think I've already said my 
peace on the matter. Eric has told me in confidence (that I'm apparently 
going to violate) that he has drafted a number of responses already, but 
hasn't sent them due to being frustrated.

At risk of suggesting that we vote on a vote.. what do you think needs 
to happen now?

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