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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: sync datacenter
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 15:08:30 GMT
I believe one lurking problem would be 
Scanners/BatchScanners/BatchWriters (and maybe other things reading and 
writing data) wouldn't notice the table name swap.

Accumulo presents the "human readable" name for users, but internally 
references things by "table id" (see `tables -l` in the shell). This 
table ID is immutable and uniquely assigned at table creation.

Clients that don't create new scanners/writers after step 3 will 
continue to read/write against the old table.

z11373 wrote:
> Thanks Josh!
> I see there is a 'renametable' command in Accumulo shell.
> One possible option I can think of (all steps are done on target side):
> 1. Import the table to a temp table name
> 2. Rename original table to another temp name
> 3. Rename table from step #1 to correct table name
> There is downtime incurred (step 2 and 3), but that window is very small.
> This downtime is not what I am worried, but I am not sure if there are other
> consequences of doing this operation, do you happen to know?
> Thanks,
> Z
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