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From Chris Davidson <>
Subject In Accumulo 1.7.0, I cannot connect to miniaccumulo started via bin/accumulo miniaccumulo
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2015 15:55:25 GMT
Hey Accumulo Dev team.

My apologies if this is already a known 1.7.0 issue (or user error), but using accumulo 1.7.0,
I am unable to connect to a local Minicluster instance that is started via: bin/accumulo minicluster.
 The problem appears that when connecting, it is not using the provided ZK port, but rather
than standard 2181.  In 1.6.3, this seems to work correctly.

accumulo-1.7.0 > bin/accumulo minicluster
Mini Accumulo Cluster

  Directory:            /var/folders/rv/44k88tps4ql0dc1f68ck4d2w0000gn/T/1437925819514-0
  Logs:                 /var/folders/rv/44k88tps4ql0dc1f68ck4d2w0000gn/T/1437925819514-0/logs
  Instance Name:        miniInstance
  Root Password:        secret
  ZooKeeper:            localhost:56783
  Shutdown Port:        4445

  To connect with shell, use the following command :
    accumulo shell -zh localhost:56783 -zi miniInstance -u root

Successfully started on Sun Jul 26 11:50:28 EDT 2015

From a new terminal:

accumulo-1.7.0 > accumulo shell -zh localhost:56783 -zi miniInstance -u root
Password: *******
…. 60 seconds later ….
2015-07-26 11:52:44,436 [tracer.ZooTraceClient] ERROR: Unabled to get destination tracer hosts
in ZooKeeper, will retry in 5000 milliseconds
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to connect to zookeeper (localhost:2181) within 2x zookeeper
timeout period 30000
	at org.apache.accumulo.fate.zookeeper.ZooSession.connect(

Shell - Apache Accumulo Interactive Shell
- version: 1.7.0
- instance name: miniInstance
- instance id: a371d4ac-8bc7-4a6a-865f-5f3c8e27fbe1
- type 'help' for a list of available commands

Chris D.

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