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From Christopher <>
Subject Re: Post 1.5.3 and 1.6.3
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 22:44:12 GMT
I completely agree with more abstracting separable funtionality where
it makes sense. I think RFile makes sense. Maybe separating it out
would help alleviate some problems I've seen with it being too tightly
coupled with Hadoop config and Accumulo config. And, maybe it'd help
with its API... right now, working with RFiles is a nightmare. Even
just basic read/write is confusing.

As for 2.0... I'm a bit scared of it myself. It keeps lagging in
priority for me, and isn't going very far very quickly. I have tried
to keep it rebase'd onto the latest master, but it's sometimes
difficult to keep that up. One thing I have kept on top of, though, is
dropping deprecated stuff in 2.0, so it's not burdened with old APIs
and stuff we intend to remove. Everything else in that branch is
either unfinished, or still a rough cut. I would like to start
maintaining a current 2.0 branch, in our shared git in ASF-land, which
is kept up-to-date, drops deprecated stuffs, and where I can start
merging in each feature we complete in the API, as we go. My main
concern with that is merge strategy... I don't want master tainted
with merges from 1.7 -> 2.0 -> master. That'd be bad... and would
cause huge problems for us. (1.7->master->2.0 is generally fine,
though). That's one reason I previously suggested ceasing use of
master as "current development branch", and explicitly make a "1.8"
branch for 1.8 devel. (because then, 1.7->1.8->2.0 would still make

Christopher L Tubbs II

On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Josh Elser <> wrote:
> Some thoughts myself...
> John Vines brought up to me privately the topic of separating out the RFile
> code from core. This started making me think about making this clear for
> other components like FATE and RandomWalk. These all have some level of
> separation, but they often get other things dropped into the same bucket
> (e.g. ZK-retry code in FATE, Accumulo implementation classes in RandomWalk).
> Maybe there are more things we could do.
> It would be nice to start trying to pull out these frameworks/sub-projects
> into discrete packages. I think it would help us with testing and proper
> separation of logic. Long term, maybe other projects would see the value and
> consider using/adopting them and grow into their own separately-versioned
> artifacts. It would be nice to start these efforts now to eventually reap
> the benefits.
> 2.0 and the new client API is a little scary now that we get another tick
> closer to it. I know it's been Christopher's brain-child so far (which is
> fine -- not meant to be taken in a negative context), but, if we really do
> want to adopt it, we should make a concerted effort to start integrating and
> reviewing it. Given how far away this seems, 1.8 and 1.9 could happen (or
> client API just gets targeted for a 3.0 -- numbers are just numbers).
> We have some decent script improvements for 1.8 already in (PID files
> _finally_). Would be nice to clean up the rest of the scripts too (notably
> the stop scripts need some love).
> Some other back-burner thoughts: better client API metrics, more server-side
> tracing instrumentation, Adam's iterator-stack collapsing perf ticket, keep
> tabs on HDFS tracing impl, keep tabs on HTrace's GUI work, finish the
> Accumulo monitor rewrite (aka REST server + servlet3).
> - Josh
> Josh Elser wrote:
>> Thanks to the efforts spearheaded by Christopher and verified by
>> everyone else, we now have 1.5.3 and 1.6.3 releases!
>> To keep the ball rolling, what's next? High level questions that come to
>> mind...
>> * When do we do 1.7.1 and/or 1.8.0?
>> * What bug-fixes do we have outstanding for 1.7.1?
>> * What other minor improvements do people want for 1.8.0?
>> * Where does 2.0.0 stand? Should we make a bigger effort to getting the
>> new client API stuff Christopher had started into Apache?
>> Feel free to brainstorm here and/or on JIRA (tagging relevant issues to
>> the desired fixVersion)
>> - Josh

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