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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Start scripts and address/hostname
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 17:24:39 GMT
I've been on a tear within our scripts in the last day. I've been moving 
towards getting an with some reasonable start, stop, 
etc semantics (ala Hadoop). This can also be done without affecting the 
existing,, etc scripts.

This hypothetical script is a close feel to what an 
init.d script would do. It alters the state of a server process on the 
local node. One thing I'm struggling to wrangle is the current ability 
the scripts/configs provide to control the interface that the server 
processes bind to.

For example, in the `slaves` file will result in a 
TabletServer that processes external to the local node cannot talk to. I 
know there are likely fringe cases (multiple NICs, bonded interface) 
which I don't fully understand to ensure proper support.

Is anyone an expert here and could give some advice about the kinds of 
configuration that the scripts should provide to lets users run Accumulo 
how they want to? I would like to move away from having to pass the 
hostname/IP to scripts locally (e.g. ` start tserver` 
would start a tserver locally), but I don't want break an existing 

- Josh

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