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From Christopher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] EOL 1.5
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 18:18:41 GMT
How do we want to EOL 1.5?

Personally, I was thinking (soon after 1.7.0 is released):
* Release and tag 1.5.3
* Remove 1.5 branch to focus active development on newer versions
* Be willing to branch from the 1.5.3 tag to rapidly release a 1.5.4
in response to critical bugs

My biggest concerns are:
1) We turn exhausted people off by doing burdensome release testing,
which delays bugfixes in 1.5, and
2) We get into a situation where 1.5.3 has some bugs that we never
fix, which sends a confusing message to stick with 1.5.2.

There's also the concern that there's a fair amount of work that was
put into 1.5.3, and I'd hate to have those contributions not be
available to users of 1.5.

I figure that so long as we're willing to fix critical bugs, we can
formally cease active development (EOL), without going so far as to
say that 1.5 users are completely screwed if a critical bug is

What I'm describing isn't really an EOL date, so much as an EOL period
which begins when we cease active development on 1.5, and ends
organically at some arbitrary point in the future when people stop
reporting critical bugs (or we reach a point where maintaining it is
too costly... a sort of "EOL-2").

Another way to look at what I'm suggesting is switch from a "sustained
development" model to a "branch to fix and release" model, where
patch/bugfix releases are more narrowly scoped and can occur more
rapidly, on demand.

Thoughts? Alternatives? Variations? Objections?

Christopher L Tubbs II

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