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From Josh Elser <>
Subject 1.7.0 status
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 03:40:40 GMT
Hi all,

I've done a huge culling of JIRA this weekend (went over ~320 issues: 
re-scoped, updated fixVersion, pinged contributor when needed, etc).

We're down to 22 open issues for 1.7.0:

3 are in patch-available that were not reviewed at all (which I plan to 
review tomorrow unless someone else beats me), one I have a little 
testing to do (and then commit), two are Eric's pending WAL changes 
(which he is finalizing). The remaining 16 are in varied state which I 
tried to comment on to bring to the attention of whomever necessary to 
make a decision on them.

_Please_ try to address the issues that you own so that we can pare down 
this list. I'd like to have this list of issues empty by Friday so that 
we can start testing with confidence on the 13th. If you don't respond, 
I'll bother you persistently again and eventually make a decision for you :)


- Josh

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