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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: More jenkins results
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2015 18:24:21 GMT
I do not want to configure my server to do that, as it would require me 
to share my ASF password there. I haven't spent enough time to convince 
myself that it's secure enough to do that.

If you can find why exactly it isn't working (I can't even mail from, I'm all ears. I've just spent too much time already 
(in addition to wasting some of Billie's) to continue trying to figure 
out why.

Christopher wrote:
> I'm not a fan of putting it on the dev@ list. There must be a way to
> add the email to a whitelist. Or... can you configure Jenkins to just
> send as your from address as
> --
> Christopher L Tubbs II
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 1:21 PM, Josh Elser<>  wrote:
>> So, posts to notifications@ requires an email addr. I've lost
>> interest in trying to make it work any further.
>> Are people interested in getting the notifications to this list (dev@a.a.o)
>> instead of notifications@? I figure most people probably use filters of some
>> form to move things around anyways.
>> LMK, I won't set this up without a general ack from everyone since it would
>> increase the traffic here dramatically.
>> Josh Elser wrote:
>>> Update on this: I had worked with Billie and little bit to try to get
>>> ezmlm to accept message from my server (as it's not subscribed through
>>> normal means).
>>> We haven't figured it out yet, but we're both a bit swamped this week.
>>> Hopefully we'll get it figured out eventually.
>>> Meanwhile, 1.6 ITs were blue last night and we only have 7 test failures
>>> on master!
>>> (big ty to Christopher and Eric as they helped those numbers)
>>> Josh Elser wrote:
>>>> Frak.
>>>> Realized that I need to make sure ezmlm accepts the emails I send from
>>>> my server...
>>>> Josh Elser wrote:
>>>>> Ugh, brain didn't catch up before<enter>  was hit.
>>>>> Send me a ping if you'd like to have control to configure the Accumulo
>>>>> jobs and I can add an account for you.
>>>>> Christopher, I'll send you an email shortly with your credentials since
>>>>> you brought up this discussion.
>>>>> Josh Elser wrote:
>>>>>> Ok, I figured out how to do jenkins roles so that I can limit things
>>>>>> down to a specific set of jobs.
>>>>>> I'll change my nightly 1.6 and master branch IT jobs to send to
>>>>>> notifications@ and we can go from there. I won't duplicate normal
>>>>>> jobs from apache jenkins.
>>>>>> Mike Drob wrote:
>>>>>>> If it goes to notifications@ that is inherently a noisy list
and I'm
>>>>>>> not
>>>>>>> worried about Josh taking a week off and a nightly build failing
>>>>>>> sending an email.
>>>>>>> Christopher, would a set of keys held in escrow cover your concerns?
>>>>>>> Josh, thanks for doing this and keeping it running on your own
dime. A
>>>>>>> real
>>>>>>> mensch!
>>>>>>> On Mar 13, 2015 2:43 PM, "Christopher"<>
>>>>>>>> I'm not suggesting to impose external control. I just think
it'd be
>>>>>>>> nice to know that, if the worst were to happen, and the service
>>>>>>>> started behaving badly while you were on vacation, we'd have
>>>>>>>> recourse to control the automated notices to the email lists.
>>>>>>>> [ If you do get hit by a truck, I *will* call you out on
it ;) ]
>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>> Christopher L Tubbs II
>>>>>>>> On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 3:32 PM, Josh Elser<>
>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> If I wasn't clear the first time, anyone can view the
results right
>>>>>>>>> now.
>>>>>>>>> I'm still not sure why you feel the need to impose external
>>>>>>>>> over
>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>>> system that I'm paying for and offering to provide as
a service to
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> project. Unless I get hit by a truck, it's not like I
won't be
>>>>>>>> responsive --
>>>>>>>>> and if I do rescind on that promise, you are more than
welcome to
>>>>>>>>> call me
>>>>>>>>> out on it. Being unresponsive is one criticism that I
don't think
>>>>>>>>> I've
>>>>>>>> been
>>>>>>>>> given WRT Accumulo.
>>>>>>>>> IMO, the real question here is are people going to be
looking at
>>>>>>>>> these
>>>>>>>>> results and doing anything with them? If they're just
going to
>>>>>>>>> /dev/null,
>>>>>>>>> it's not worth it to me and I'll just do triage/fixing
as I find
>>>>>>>>> time.
>>>>>>>>> Christopher wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Looks fine in Chrome to me (but my Chrome is using
my shared NSS
>>>>>>>>>> certificate store for my system).
>>>>>>>>>> I can't think of anything immediately to configure...
>>>>>>>>>> speculating
>>>>>>>>>> that it might add utility when needed. At the very
least, I would
>>>>>>>>>> want
>>>>>>>>>> more than one person with the ability to turn off
/ modify the
>>>>>>>>>> email
>>>>>>>>>> to the mailing list, if necessary.
>>>>>>>>>> Being able to view the results without configuration
>>>>>>>>>> would
>>>>>>>>>> still be added value on its own, though.
>>>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>>>> Christopher L Tubbs II
>>>>>>>>>> On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 2:56 PM, Josh Elser<>
>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Maybe this will help too. Last night's builds:
>>>>>>>>>>> If you use Chrome, I don't think they accept
StartCom SSL certs as
>>>>>>>>>>> trusted
>>>>>>>>>>> (so you'll get the crazy-scary red warning page),
but it should be
>>>>>>>>>>> trusted
>>>>>>>>>>> by default in FF.
>>>>>>>>>>> Josh Elser wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Presently, you can see the full workspace
for the last job that
>>>>>>>>>>>> was
>>>>>>>> run.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I'd have to look into Jenkins permissions,
but what exactly do
>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>> think
>>>>>>>>>>>> you would need to configure?
>>>>>>>>>>>> Christopher wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> That might only be valuable if we could
log on to it to view the
>>>>>>>>>>>>> test
>>>>>>>>>>>>> results and/or configure the jobs.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Christopher L Tubbs II
>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Josh
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Elser<>
>>>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For those who don't know, I run a
Jenkins instance on a VPS I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> own.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I've been
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> running ITs for 1.6 and master nightly
for some time now and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it's
>>>>>>>> been
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> really nice to get these results.
It has just enough
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> resources to
>>>>>>>> run
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> through them reliably (some of the
really heavy-handed tests
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fail on
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it),
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> but personally it feels like a good
baseline for ensuring the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> tests
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> are
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> runnable by anyone.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If others feel like they might get
value from it, I can set up
>>>>>>>> emails
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sent to the
list instead of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> just
>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> myself.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thoughts/Opinions?

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