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From "Ed Coleman" <>
Subject Concern regarding cache (ACCUMULO-3549 and ACCUMULO-3547) in Apache Accumulo 1.6.2 RC3
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2015 15:47:09 GMT
Eric commented on the vote for RC3:

- - - -
It would be nice to have ACCUMULO-3547 <>
in 1.6.2.

We are running at scale with it at the moment, and it has made a huge improvement.  I hate
to hold up 1.6.2, though.  If it doesn't make it, please update the ticket to point to 1.6.3.
- - - -

I generally agree with this and it seems that ACCUMULO-3547 will make it into 1.6.2 - which
I think is the preferable option. My concerns deal with not having ACCUMULO-3549 included
in 1.6.2 too.

In ACCUMULO-3549 Keith made the assumption that end rows are 10 bytes - I'm not sure this
is a good assumption. If end rows are larger than 10 bytes, then how much more memory will
be required over time? How much faster will it grow?

Without ACCUMULO-3549, what are my options for monitoring / correcting the situation if the
cache grows too large? Will tablet server performance slowly degrade over time because the
cache keeps growing?  What will users need to do to monitor and then correct this? Will we
be in a situation where tserevrs will start to run out of memory, we will increase the memory
allocation if we can, and just kick the can down the road a little further and performance
will just keep degrading?

Is there a way to trigger the cache to clear short of restarting a tserver? While not optimal,
having a utility / script that slowly walks across the tservers and clears the cache so that
each tserver cache is cleared every 12, 24, 48,... hours may be a bridge until ACCUMULO-3549
is resolved. If this is the case, it would seem that having the fix in 1.6.3 would also be
a priority. 

Maybe this has been discussed and resolved, but I want to bring this up to ensure that the
ramifications have been considered and that there is a viable mitigation strategy that is
communicated to the users. Sorry for the doom - end of the world tone I was just trying to
emphasis the worst case scenarios that I could envision. I think ACCUMULO-3547 is an important
(even necessary improvement) and I'm not suggesting that it be removed - I just want to make
sure that I understand the other side effects and know our options.

Ed Coleman

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