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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Namespaces & Application Classpath interplay
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 04:46:39 GMT
In essence, you're asking to apply some context classloader to a 
namespace and have it propagate down to each table in that namespace as 
opposed to setting it on each table? By doing so, you wouldn't have to 
ensure that each table for your logical "application" is configured with 
the same context classloader.

If that's the case, +1 for the change -- nearly all of our properties 
already "delegate" in that fashion: per-table inherits from namespace 
which inherits from system. I'm a little sad if it doesn't actually 
already do it (because that means classloader configuration is an edge 
case internally), but happy that you'd like to work on it :)

Chris Bennight wrote:
> (Note - my assumption here is that I can't currently assign an isolated
> classpath as "default" for a particular namespace;  if I missed something
> apologies)
> So I get the ability to assign an application specific classpath on a per
> table basis.  In my case I create (and sometimes remove) tables via the API
> (as opposed to the shell) - which scope normally mediated by a namespace.
> I can attach an application classpath at creation to each table, but this
> requires sharing information (name of application classpath somehow
> configured/set for application), or convention (always call it "xyz")
> between the accumulo config and client application.
> I think a cleaner solution in this part would be to let the classpath be
> tied through accumulo configuration to the namespace (this would also make
> classpath isolation easier for other programs - they don't have to add in
> hooks in the case of programatically creating tables).
> So my questions:
> -- Is this something that is already in the works?  (I swear, I looked in
> -- Is it a terrible idea (why?)
> -- If it's not already done, and not a bad idea, should I create a ticket,
> propose a design, and start coding after vetting?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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