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Subject Re: [VOTE] API release policy for 1.7/2.0
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 14:22:09 GMT

Like I said, I think we are having this pain because we have not defined and agreed to the
meaning of our version numbering scheme. I'd rather have that discussion and agree to something,
as that will likely inform us as to what version the master branch is currently based on the
changes in it. If master, based on the current changes, is 2.0.0 now, then having this discussion
is moot. 

p.s. sorry for all the spam, my responses were not making it through for some reason 

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From: "Josh Elser" <> 
Sent: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 4:06:34 PM 
Subject: Re: [VOTE] API release policy for 1.7/2.0 

Can we bring the discussion back around? I feel like we have two 
separate things going on here. 

1) Can we avoid further churn in the public API for [1.7.0,2.0.0] by 
avoiding any removal or additional deprecation. 

2) In 2.0.0, what are we actually going to remove that is already deprecated 

re #1, I don't think we have consensus, but I think that is a moderate 
middle ground. Some wouldn't mind normal deprecation cycles for normal 
releases between now and 2.0.0; others have argued that we should not 
alter the public API at all before 2.0.0. I think we should try to focus 
the conversation here and come up with a compromise. 

re #2, I think we can re-visit what (if anything) is candidate for 
deletion when 2.0.0 happens. I don't think that directly necessary to 
answer to come to a conclusion on #1. 

Correct me if I have misspoken. 

Christopher wrote: 
> Sorry, another way to put this (more succinctly) is that I have removed 
> *all* deprecated APIs prior to 1.7 with the exception of the 
> instance.dfs.{uri,dir} configuration properties in my local 2.0 branch. 
> After some hindsight, essentially what I was trying to propose is that we 
> treat 1.7 as a "minor" release, and any subsequent 1.x releases as normal 
> "minor" or "patch" releases, according to definitions of those for Semver. 
> For the record, Semver also doesn't address what *should be* removed, only 
> what *can be*. If anybody wants to keep something around longer, I don't 
> consider that blocking these minimal guidelines. If we end up adopting 
> Semver, and apply the constraints to 1.7 moving forward, these proposed 
> guidelines are moot. 
> -- 
> Christopher L Tubbs II 
> On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 12:38 PM, Christopher<> wrote: 
>> On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Keith Turner<> wrote: 
>>> On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 3:01 PM, Christopher<> wrote:

>>>> Following the conversation on the [VOTE] thread for ACCUMULO-3176, it 
>>> seems 
>>>> we require an explicit API guidelines at least for 1.7.0 and later until

>>>> 2.0.0. 
>>>> I hereby propose we adopt the following guidelines for future releases 
>>> (if 
>>>> we produce any such releases) until 2.0.0: 
>>>> API additions are permitted in "major" 1.x releases (1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 
>>> 1.10, 
>>>> etc.). 
>>>> API should be forwards and backwards compatible within a 1.x release (no

>>>> new additions to the API in a "bugfix" release; e.g. 1.7.1). 
>>>> New API in 1.7.0 and later 1.x releases will not be removed in 2.0 
>>> (though 
>>>> they may be deprecated in 2.0 and subject to removal in 3.0). 
>>>> Existing API in 1.7.0 will be preserved through 2.0, and should only be 
>>>> subject to removal if it was already deprecated prior to 1.7.0 (though 
>>> they 
>>>> may be deprecated in 2.0 and subject to removal in 3.0). 
>>> This stmt can lead to disagreement later over what deprecated methods are 
>>> removed in 2.0. We could explicitly list which deprecated methods will be 
>>> removed as part of this vote. Alternatively, we could add a clause saying 
>>> there will be a vote prior to 2.0 over which methods are removed. If we 
>>> decide now, then we could add something to 1.7.0 javadoc stating the 
>>> method 
>>> will go away in 2.0. 
>> These are intended to be minimal guidelines, not a comprehensive list of 
>> what should be removed... only guidelines to ensure we don't remove 
>> something in a breaking way. I'm fine with disagreeing with what can be 
>> removed later... so long as we're agreed on certain minimal things which 
>> cannot be removed, to ensure a smooth transition. 
>> However, for the record, the comprehensive list of things I expect to 
>> remove in 2.0, all of which were deprecated in 1.6.0 or prior: 
>> Constants.NO_AUTHS (deprecated since 1.6.0) 
>> ScannerOptions.{set,get}TimeOut(...) (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> Connector.create[MultiTable]Batch{Deleter,Scanner}(...) without 
>> BatchWriterConfig (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> Instance.getConnector(...) that doesn't take an AuthorizationToken 
>> (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> MutationsRejectedException constructor (deprecated since 1.6.0) 
>> MutationsRejectedException.getAuthorizationFailures() (deprecated since 
>> 1.5.0) 
>> some ZooKeeperInstance constructors replaced with ClientConfiguration 
>> (deprecated since 1.6.0) 
>> some SecurityOperations methods (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> TableOperations.getSplits() (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> non-range TableOperations.flush() (deprecated since 1.4) 
>> Constraint.getAuthorizations() (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> static KeyExtent.getkeyExtentsForRange() (deprecated and unused utility 
>> method) 
>> Value constructor with copy param (deprecated and unused) 
>> Aggregators (deprecated since 1.4) 
>> protected Accumulo{Input,Output}Format.getToken[Class]() (deprecated since 
>> 1.6.0) 
>> protected AccumuloInputFormat.getTabletLocator() (deprecated since 1.6.0) 
>> protected AccumuloInputFormat.setupIterators() (deprecated since 1.5.0) 
>> RangeInputSplit (deprecated since 1.5.2) 
>> Additionally, I was going to remove the non-public API trace module 
>> deprecated since 1.7 as part of the switch to HTrace. 
>> I've actually already done this on my local 2.0 branch I'm working in, but 
>> I have no intentions to remove anything else... and these guidelines would 
>> effectively prevent me from doing so. 
>> I would be opposed to adding javadocs stating methods will go away in 2.0, 
>> unless they are already deprecated. The fact is... 2.0 is not available, 
>> and we don't know exactly what will go away. But, we can establish 
>> guidelines to give us an idea of what will not go away. That's the purpose 
>> of the above guidelines. 
>>> I have been playing around w/ the following command to see whats currently 
>>> deprecated in master. 
>>> find core/src/main/java/org/apache/accumulo/core/client/ -name "*.java" | 
>>> grep -i -v impl | xargs grep Deprecated -C 3 
>>>> The purpose of these guidelines are to ensure the ability to add 
>>> additional 
>>>> functionality and evolve API naturally, while minimizing API 
>>> disruptions to 
>>>> the user base, in the interim before 2.0.0 when we can formally adopt an

>>>> API/versioning policy. 
>>>> Exceptions to these guidelines should be subject to a majority vote, on 
>>> a 
>>>> case-by-case basis. 
>>>> Because these relate to release planning, this vote will be subject to 
>>>> majority vote, in accordance with our bylaws pertaining to release 
>>> planning 
>>>> and voting, and will be open for 3 days, concluding at 2000 on 5 Dec 
>>> 2014 
>>>> UTC. 
>>>> -- 
>>>> Christopher L Tubbs II 

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