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From "John R. Frank" <>
Subject C++ accumulo client --> native clients for Python, Go, Ruby etc
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2014 16:56:51 GMT
Accumulo Developers,

We're trying to boost throughput of non-Java tools with Accumulo.  It seems that the lowest
hanging fruit is to stop using the thrift proxy. Per discussion about Python and thrift proxy
in the users list [1], I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping with a native C++
client?  There is a start on one here [2]. We could offer a bounty or maybe make a consulting
project depending who is interested in it. 

We also looked at trying to run a separate thrift proxy for every worker thread or process.
 With many cores on a box, eg 32, it just doesn't seem practical to run that many proxies,
even if they all run on a single JVM. We'd be glad to hear ideas on that front too. 

A potentially big benefit of making a proper C++ accumulo client is that it is straightforward
to expose native interfaces in Python (via pyObject), Go [3], Ruby [4], and other languages.

Thanks for any advice, pointers, interest. 






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