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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Tablet server thrift issue
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 20:54:20 GMT
If you get an error from a BatchWriter, you pretty much have to throw 
away that instance of the BatchWriter and make a new one. See 
ACCUMULO-2990. If you want, you should be able to catch/recover from 
this without having to restart the ingester.

If the session ID is invalid, my guess is that it hasn't been used 
recently and the tserver cleaned it up. The exception logic isn't the 
greatest (as it just is presented to you as a RTE).

On 8/22/14, 4:35 PM, Corey Nolet wrote:
> Eric & Keith, Chris mentioned to me that you guys have seen this issue
> before. Any ideas from anyone else are much appreciated as well.
> I recently updated a project's dependencies to Accumulo 1.6.0 built with
> Hadoop 2.3.0. I've got CDH 5.0.2 deployed. The project has an ingest
> component which is running all the time with a batch writer using many
> threads to push mutations into Accumulo.
> The issue I'm having is a show stopper. At different intervals of time,
> sometimes an hour, sometimes 30 minutes, I'm getting
> MutationsRejectedExceptions (server errors) from the
> TabletServerBatchWriter. Once they start, I need to restart the ingester to
> get them to stop. They always come back within 30 minutes to an hour...
> rinse, repeat.
> The exception always happens on different tablet servers. It's a thrift
> error saying a message was received out of sequence. In the TabletServer
> logs, I see an "Invalid session id" exception which happens only once
> before the client-side batch writer starts spitting out the MREs.
> I'm running some heavyweight processing in Storm along side the tablet
> servers. I shut that processing off in hopes that maybe it was the culprit
> but that hasn't fixed the issue.
> I'm surprised I haven't seen any other posts on the topic.
> Thanks!

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