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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Running Accumulo on the IBM JVM
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 15:42:40 GMT

>>>          b.
>>>          This test assumes a max heap of about 1GB. This fails on IBM JRE,
>>> since the default max heap is not specified, and on IBM JRE this depends
>>> on the OS (see
>>> ).
>>>          Proposal: add -Xmx1g to the surefire maven plugin reference in
>>> parent maven pom.
> This might be

Yup! I actually bumped this up to 1G already after I started seeing 
failures (again) from the ACCUMULO-2774 patch which set a 768M heap. 
Pull the upstream changes and feel free to submit something to address 
any problem you still have.

>>   >         c. Both &
>>> org.apache.accumulo.core.file.rfile.RFileTest have lots of failures due
>> to
>>> calls to SEcureRandom with Random Number Generator Provider hard-coded as
>>> Sun. The IBM JRE has it's own built in RNG Provider called IBMJCE. 2
>>> issues - hard-coded calls to SecureRandom.getInstance(<algo>,"SUN") and
>>> also default value in Property class is "SUN".
>>>          Proposal: Add mechanism to override default Property through
>>> System property through new annotator in Property class. Only usage will
> I'm not sure about adding new annotators to Property. However, the
> CryptoTest should be getting the value from the conf instead of hard-coding
> it. Then you can specify the correct value in accumulo-site.xml
> I think another part of the issue is in
> CryptoModuleFactory::fillParamsObjectFromStringMap because it looks like
> that ignores the default setting.
>>   >
>>> 2. Environment/Configuration
>>>          a. The generated configuration files contain references to GC
>>> params that are specific to Sun JVM. In, the
>>> ACCUMULO_TSERVER_OPTS contains -XX:NewSize and -XX:MaxNewSize , and also
>>> -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=75 are used.
>>>          b. in bin/accumulo, get ClassNotFoundException due to
>>> specification of JAXP Doc Builder:
>>> .
>>>          The Sun implementation of Document Builder Factory does not
>> exists
>>> in IBM JDK, so a ClassNotFoundException is thrown on running accumulo
>>> script
>>>          c. MiniAccumuloCluster - in the MiniAccumuloClusterImpl,
>>> Sun-speciifc GC params are passed as params to the java process (similar
>>> to section a. )
>>>          Single proposal for solving all three above issues:
>>>          Enhance with request to select Java vendor.
>>> Selecting this will set correct values for GC params (they differ between
>>> IBM and Sun), inclusion/ommision of JAXP setting. The
>>> MiniAccumuloClusterImpl can read the same env variable that was set in
>>> code for the GC Params, and use in the exec command.
> I don't know enough about the IBM JDK to comment on this part
> intelligently. Go ahead and generate a patch, and we can use that as a
> starting point for discussion.

I'm a little hesitant to remove the CMS configuration (as it really 
helps). My first thought about how to address this is you can submit 
some example Accumulo configurations that work with IBM JDK or you can 
add something to the configuration template/script (conf/examples and 
conf/templates with bin/, respectively). I think 
you're on the right path.

>>   >
>>>   So far, my work has been focused on getting unit tests working for all
>>> Java vendors in a clean manner. I have not yet run intensive testing of
>>> real clusters following these changes, and would be happy to get pointers
>>> to what else might need treatment.
> Unit tests is a good first pass. Integration tests (mvn verify) is probably
> the minimum that you want on your continuous integration once you have
> things set up.
> Accumulo also comes with a set of longer running, cluster based tests,
> since we know that there are some pieces too complex for unit tests to
> catch. have a look in the test module for the Continuous Ingest test. Once
> you get to that point, we can help you set it up if the README is unclear.
>>   I would also like to hear if these changes make sense, and if so, should
>>> I go ahead and create some JIRAs, and attach my patches for commit
>>> approval?
> Filing JIRAs is going to be the most straightforward path, yes.
>   >  Looking forward to hearing feedback!

Likewise. Looking forward to applying some patches!

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