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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: moving rat to a profile?
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 19:01:28 GMT
I think I came to the same conclusion you outline here. It makes things 
harder for new contributors unnecessarily.

I think activation rat as a part of the apache-release profile makes the 
most sense to me. While we don't want to commit incorrectly licensed 
files between releases, fixing it before we make the release is the very 
important part.

Maybe we can recommend some sort of configuration via ~/.m2/settings.xml 
that devs could enable to always run RAT?

- Josh

On 6/17/14, 11:44 AM, Sean Busbey wrote:
> I've had a few different new-to-Accumulo contributors recently run into the
> issue of Rat failing the build after changing branches.
> I know we already have a warning about this[1], but AFAICT it's over the
> threshold for consumable information.
> Even after pointing people to the warning, the existing workaround tripped
> up atleast one of them. Despite the warning about using "git clean," the
> destruction of their local IDE changes were surprising.
> For contributions to Accumulo that aren't coming from committers, the Rat
> plugin seems much more likely to give a false positive than to catch an
> error. Additionally, whatever committer is reviewing the contribution
> should be checking for license compliance anyways.
> In the interests of reducing the surprise for new contributors, I'd like to
> move our use of Rat to a profile that is only default enabled during a
> release run.
> The profile would still let those who want rat to run on every build to
> enable it and we could update the guide for handling new contributions to
> say committers should enable the rat profile to help guard against errors.
> Any objections?
> [1]:

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