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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Deploying SNAPSHOTs to nexus
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 18:25:46 GMT

They call out deploying a SNAPSHOT as long as the PMC is ok with it, but 
they also mention Maven 1 which, I believe, is older than me.

I don't think that deploying artifacts to the snapshots area of Nexus 
equates to an official release, but that's my opinion and the lack of 
any other docs that make me think otherwise (if we weren't allowed to 
deploy snapshots, why would we even have that repository available to us).

I looked at the Jenkins job briefly too. The job does have an option to 
auto-deploy, but I'm not sure if the permissions would be implicitly 
handled for us. I haven't found another project which appears to publish 
snapshots on each build yet.

On 6/11/14, 10:31 AM, Christopher wrote:
> I don't know for sure about what was done in the past, but we should
> consider the ASF policy about not making non releases generally available
> to non devs before we make this change. Can try to find link to policy
> later.
> Before we released 1.6.0, I got a request to upload some new 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT
> jars. After thinking about it some more, I convinced myself that we, at one
> point, had SNAPSHOTs being automatically deployed by Jenkins.
> Does anyone remember for sure? Was it lost in the svn->git transition? Any
> arguments against not trying to make this work again?

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