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From Andrew Bayer <>
Subject Overuse of depth=1 on calls to Accumulo's Jenkins jobs' /api/json
Date Sat, 31 May 2014 19:32:59 GMT
Hey Accumulo devs -

I'm noticing a lot of calls to for the JSON API data
for Accumulo jobs like /job/Accumulo-1.6/api/json?depth=1 - specifying
depth=1 means you're pulling a *LOT* of data, especially considering
that's hitting every job every few minutes. Jenkins hung today and had
a huge number of apparently hung threads trying to populate this data,
and I think these calls may have induced the overall Jenkins UI hang -
please take a look into the more granular control you can get over
depth/tree on and
consider limiting your queries to just the data you need. Thanks.


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