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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Accumulo Monitoring Page Improvements/redesign?
Date Mon, 12 May 2014 14:40:50 GMT
Personally, I'm not sold on the ability to integrate with an external 
tool that will give us adequate functionality as compared to what we 
presently have with the monitor (someone prove me wrong). It doesn't 
*have* to be pretty -- the monitor is extremely functional already which 
is the important part.

A deployable war would be a big step up, as administrators could deploy 
the monitor into existing application servers instead of the 
embedded-jetty hack we currently use.

Moving towards a monitor REST API (instead of baked into servlets) would 
also be a big step for external systems to consume Accumulo information 
and also allow for better testing.

Regarding the shell in the monitor, I think it's been there since 
1.5.0ish -- you just need to enable the monitor to run with SSL. There's 
a script in bin that will generate the 
keystore and truststore for you, and also print out the configuration to 
add to accumulo-site.xml.

On 5/12/14, 10:24 AM, Mike Drob wrote:
> Al,
> There's an existing JIRA for packaging the monitor as a war -
> - so that is a good
> place to start.
> There's also been some discussion about going the other way - instead of
> building up the monitor we could tear it down and let somebody else
> maintain that code. The benefits are a reduced maintenance cost for us,
> especially on something that is not our forte. As a community we know how
> to make a good distributed storage system... less so on how to make a
> pretty web interface. You can check out
> for more details there.
> Mike
> On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Al Krinker <> wrote:
>> All,
>> Christopher and I exchanged some ideas during Accumulo Meetup last week
>> about how we can improve Accumulo Monitoring Page... I would like to reach
>> out to the community to flesh out some prototype ideas and to make sure we
>> are not duplication any ongoing efforts that may take place.
>> How do you feel about making Accumulo Monitoring Page a deployable war
>> file? Also, we probably should clean up the current site some more (I
>> noticed that some of the titles are not well alligned). In addition, I am
>> thinking about adding Spring Security to control the access to certain
>> pages.
>> Another idea, would be to provide shell capabilities via web page... For
>> example, a user will be able to select a table from drop down of all
>> available tables, and then then do a simple scan to see the data.
>> Neither Christopher or I use Cloudera, so we are not too familiar with it
>> or its features... and I've heard that Cloudera Manager might already
>> provide some of these features? Anyone can confirm it? Even if it is true,
>> I would still want to add as much capabilities to Accumulo without having
>> to use another tool.
>> Also, Christopher mentioned that Billie Rinaldi (Hortonworks) did add some
>> shell interface to the
>> web page. So hopefully, Billie will be able to pitch in with his ideas.
>> Thoughts? Comments?
>> Thanks,
>> Al Krinker

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