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From Christopher <>
Subject A defense for ACCUMULO-1395 in 1.6.0
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2014 12:31:54 GMT
Below is a defense of my applying ACCUMULO-1395 to the 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT
branch. Since it was reverted, my hope here is to successfully argue
the case that it should be included:

The bin/ script does not result in files that are
appropriate for use on Hadoop 1. It requires manual modification to
work. There are other reasons a user might need to modify these files
before running, such as changing the default instance secret. However,
bin/accumulo init warns users to edit that. It does not warn if you're
using Hadoop 1. This is essentially a bug, because it's not obvious to
users that the configuration generated will fail to work, and the
error messages in 'bin/accumulo init' are not very informative as to
how to fix the problem.

This makes it quite annoying for testing on Hadoop 1, as every new
build requires manually editing config files to work. ACCUMULO-1395
solves this by adding an extra prompt to and
generating config files which work right away.

However, that fix has been determined to be inappropriate for 1.6.0.
Perhaps a smaller, more targeted fix, to add a prompt to the file, to alter the config files appropriately for
Hadoop 1 should be done for 1.6.0? However, this fix is available now,
and the only thing it might need, is a slight edit of the README to
note that the prompts for Hadoop 1 or Hadoop 2, to
generate examples.

While this change looks like a large change, it really isn't. Most of
the changes are removing redundant configuration examples in favor of
a single example, used as a template. Removing multiple copies of
almost identical files in favor of a single set makes the patch look
artificially large. It's actually a quite minor change. While the
intention of ACCUMULO-1395 was ease of maintenance, it turns out it
actually eases testing and user experience, by fixing the bugs in the
previously produced config files from for Hadoop
1, which required manual intervention. The benefits for maintenance
from the consolidation of the examples is secondary to this fix, at
this point.

The common objections, and justification for reverting, make sense,
but I think they are unwarranted in this case, because, while the
ticket is labeled "Improvement", it actually fixes a bug. It also
doesn't actually make improvements or add features to Accumulo
itself...  just examples and packaging improvements, which we've
previously identified as acceptable to change in preparation for
release, after the feature freeze. Further, it has been up on
ReviewBoard for weeks, and John has responded to all the feedback. It
has been thoroughly tested, works great, and has been ready for weeks.
I know there may still be improvements or changes that could be done,
but this fixes problems now, and eases testing on Hadoop 1.

If the objections stand, in favor of reverting and delaying to 1.7.0,
perhaps a more targeted fix to would be
acceptable, adding a prompt for Hadoop 1/Hadoop 2, which does not
consolidate the examples? This could be done with additional example
copies (easy), or some automated in-place editing after copying (not
too much harder).

Christopher L Tubbs II

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