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From Christopher <>
Subject Which is stable?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 15:57:38 GMT
1.4.5 is marked as "(STABLE)" on the Downloads page. I think there's
maybe a few issues with this.

1. "STABLE" vs. "LATEST", seems to imply "use 1.4.5, as 1.5.1 is
risky". I'm not sure that's the implication we want to be making, as
it will discourage users from using 1.5.x when it's the latest
supported version.

2. Version 1.4.5 has the potential to be less stable than 1.4.4
because of drastic changes to support Hadoop 2. It may be more stable
than 1.4.5... but even that might depend on your definition of
"stable". If, by "stable", we mean the feature set is stable, it's
certainly not true. 1.4.5 added a big feature on top of 1.4.4: support
for Hadoop 2.

I think we should update the page to either:

a. drop "stable" and "latest" tags from the sections, or
b. mark 1.5.1 as "latest, stable", 1.4.5 as "legacy" or "previous
supported release".

In either case, a or b, I think we should archive the 1.3.6 section,
and replace it with a section that points to the download archives.

Christopher L Tubbs II

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