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From Donald Miner <>
Subject Re: SQL layer over Accumulo?
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2014 12:04:38 GMT
sql on accumulo would not satisfy "a query language on accumulo" in my opinion.  There are
certain things that just don't make sense in sql with some more flexible schemas.

I'm actually talking about this subject at the accumulo meetup next week:

Not being a downer on the idea as i think phoenix support would be cool, just saying a query
language to support everything that people have done with accumulo is something other than

> On Apr 29, 2014, at 7:48 AM, Mike Drob <> wrote:
> James,
> I think there is a great desire for something like this on top of Accumulo.
> We've actually had an open JIRA for exposing Accumulo through a query
> language since Jan '13 - well over a year now.
> It hasn't progressed much beyond the "it would be nice" stage, but you can
> track it at
> However, I'm not sure that all of us understand the level of work that
> would be required for this task (at least, I certainly don't). Can you
> provide a slightly more detailed plan for what you envision?
> Thanks,
> Mike
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 1:32 AM, James Taylor <>wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Would there be any interest in developing a SQL-layer on top of Accumulo?
>> I'm part of the Apache Phoenix project and we've built a similar system on
>> top of HBase. I wanted to see if there'd be interest on your end at working
>> with us to generalizing our client and provide in a server that would do
>> Accumulo-specific push down in support of a SQL layer. I suspect there's
>> enough similarity between HBase and Accumulo that this would be feasible.
>> Thanks,
>> James

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