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From "Alex Moundalexis" <>
Subject CMS diff: Apache Accumulo Git WIP
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:26:31 GMT
Clone URL (Committers only):;action=diff;uri=

Alex Moundalexis

Index: trunk/content/git.mdtext
--- trunk/content/git.mdtext	(revision 1581605)
+++ trunk/content/git.mdtext	(working copy)
@@ -143,6 +143,24 @@
     `git commit -av`
+   Please include the ticket number at the beginning of the log message, and
+   in the first line, as it's easier to parse quickly. For example:
+    `ACCUMULO-2428 throw exception when rename fails after compaction`
+   Consider following the git log message format described in
+   [Zach Holman's talk](
+   (specifically slides 78-98, beginning at 15:20 into the video). Essentially,
+   leave a short descriptive message in the first line, skip a line, and write
+   more detailed stuff there, if you need to. For example:
+    `ACCUMULO-2194 Add delay for randomwalk Security teardown`
+    `If two Security randomwalk tests run back-to-back, the second test may see that the
+    table user still exists even though it was removed when the first test was torn down.
+    This can happen if the user drop does not propagate through Zookeeper quickly enough.
+    This commit adds a delay to the end of the Security test to give ZK some time.`
 6. Assuming others are developing against the version you also are, as you
    work, or before you create your patch, rebase your branch against the remote
    to lift your changes to the top of your branch. The branch specified here should be the
same one you used in step 4.

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